Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, as usual this starts out as another scary, sad room that I tackled. Country blue, mauve and tan plaid wallpaper with ducks wearing mauve bows for the 1980's border. Formica chop block light brown counters on dark stained cabinets. This was actually my kitchen when we moved into a house we purchased in 1999. Not my ideal style of home, but it had good bones, perfect location and one of the only homes we looked at that the kitchen was bad enough to justify gutting it. It was a huge project and I was the general contractor.  The Befores:

I went into this project with the knowledge that what could go wrong probably would, and however long I think it will take, double it. I'll spare you the construction woes, but will tell you my husband tim had emergency gall bladder surgery and my daughter Jennifer had a miscarriage. I'm surprised I found time to take these couple photos, even if they aren't good. That's our dog Tashi in the 2nd shot.

So, here's the big reveal. My husband and I literally drew up the plans, designed the cabinetry and stuccoed and glazed the walls ourselves. I designed for the stove with the hood to be directly across from the dining room opening. At night people are able to see directly through the dining room windows and the doorway into the kitchen frames the stove and hood perfectly. I've actually had people knock on our door and I have remodeled other kitchens in the area, as a result.


  1. Paula:

    It's absolutely beautiful...what a lovely design!! When we purchased our house a couple of years ago, I inherited a recently remodeled kitchen...nice enough, but not really my style. Next time I think I'll go for the house with the 80s ducks and plaids to justify a remodel. ;)

  2. That is one beeee-autiful kitchen! Nicely done!

  3. Just had the pleasure of checking out your blog:)
    Wonderful photos and the kitchen remodel is fabulous:)
    Glad you found me...I will be back to see you!




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