Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, warm greetings from my house to yours. I have been terrible about taking photos lately so I pulled this from a previous holiday (2002). A few changes in landscaping since then, but it's the same house and the same warm wishes from me to all of you.

It has been so long since I've had the luxury of sitting still long enough to blog. As much as I wish that the month of December wouldn't be a blur, it happened again this year. Jennifer and I have been working nonstop to get our two showrooms in Atlanta and LA ready for January Markets, and putting the final touches on my second collection of fabric designs. We made a decision to not go to New York for that show. Good thing, or else I'd probably be writing this from a hospital ward.

I did take Christmas Day off and we had a great time with Jennifer, Joe and the grandkids. I squeezed in making a doll quilt and pillow for the doll bed we got Mia, but alas I have no photos that turned out. Tim and I drove to Michigan to have Christmas with his family. We got back Monday afternoon and 4 hours later our dear friend from Nashville came for a visit. Unfortunately he came just in time to see us in our crazed whirlwind of deadlines. He watched us run from studio to office to workroom to get shipments out and designs printed. THEN, we had the annual New Years eve party at our house last eve, so he got to see how I exchanged one crazed mode for the the next phase....running around cleaning, cooking, stashing, etc. We pulled off a party by the skin of my teeth and help from the guys. Had a wonderful time, and after the last dish was put away I collapsed on the sofa and Tim said he tried 3 times to wake me to no avail. So today my only goal is to get a post out to all my dear blogging friends. Nothing else!

So much has happened for me this last year. Last January I started my blog and it's kinda fun to see the how far I've come since first fabric designs with a second collection in the works. And I've met so many wonderful people (YOU) in the process. Oh, that reminds me, here's a picture from our local Indianapolis Monthly Magazine that just came out. I am very pleasantly surprised that my fabrics and handmade bird got a full page. A gal contacted me from the magazine even before anyone had seen my fabrics to say she wanted to feature them in an article. I asked her how she even knew about my fabrics since we hadn't even gone to Quilt Market to debut them. She said she read my blog! They even postponed the article from November to January because I told them the stores wouldn't even have the fabrics yet. It turned out lovely, didn't it? Thanks IM Magazine!

Now, a rant about resolutions. I like them, but not the New Years ones. Can't exactly put my finger on why I don't want to make resolutions on New Years, but keep in mind I didn't like to wear anything new I got for Christmas to school right away either. I'd wait and slip something new in gradually after everyone else was done strutting their new stuff. Why? I don't know. Oh yeah, I digress. So anyway, this year I'm feeling conflicted because I NEED to become resolute about some things. So what if the day I choose to do that is on New Years Day? I'm doin it! Yeah! I AM the boss of me. ................what did I just do? Said I was making a New Years Resolution, didn't I?

Thank you all so much for all your love, support and friendship this past year. I am planning a one year anniversary celebration, so stay tuned. For now, may I wish us all a wonderfully creative 2009!


  1. Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Happy New Year! I have to say that your home looks lovely, so inviting and cozy. Congrats on the magazine article! I love that photo and I'm sure it got you lots of lookers. :)


  3. Wow - what an amazing year! I am so blessed to share my work days with my mentor and hero - you! I pray that God guides us clearly in 2009. Love you!

  4. Happy New Year Paula!!
    Such a pleasure to have met you this past year:)
    Blessing to you and your family!
    Hope you take a little down time for some R&R!


  5. There you are Paula! Well I'm so lucky because in 2008 I got to meet you not once, but twice (once with Tim and once with Jennifer)! I can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh (bring them both!) and I'm so thrilled you are working on another line!

    Happy New Year (I think it'll be a good one)!

  6. Happy New Year. Your home is so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing - and the magazine page is fabulous! Congratulations! Best wishes on the resolutions, whatever day you make them!

  7. I finished one Christmas present project today ( and am now staring at the pile of your gorgeous fabrics, trying to decide what to make for my friend Debbie...for her LATE Christmas present! (I'm thinking either a table runner or a throw...) So I guess being on time will not be my NY resolution...



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