Thursday, September 20, 2012


I did this in acrylics about three weeks ago.  I had just purchased my oil paints, but had those all lined up looking so new and pretty and intimidating and I decided to paint this with my acrylics instead.  Go figure.  I do have a thing for numbers...well, only the shapes of them, ha, ha.  

I'm up early gathering my art supplies and heading to LaJolla to take an oil painting class.  All giggly here.


  1. I love the, for a lack of better description, painted, aged, then painted, aged, then painted again look. You are so talented. Giggle your way to you class girl! Turn that GPS device off. He is sure to get you into a muddle on the way! =D

  2. I love numbers, too. Have fun in your class.


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