Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have been busy bee since I last posted.  So much so that I'm a year older now.  Those birthdays sneak up on me when I'm not paying attention.  We have also been working on getting the courtyard and back patio in better shape.  One of our purchases was a white rose topiary that thanks us daily with new blooms.  I decided to paint this little bottle of roses sitting on my sill.  I popped the wet canvas in this frame to take a picture.  It helps me to see it as you would, and now I see what I need to change.  The flowers I painted had tiny stems, barely visible.  But now they will have proper stems.  Do wish I had noticed that before now.  Live and learn.  You seem to always see my "not quite" finished pieces.

A couple weekends ago we drove to Santa Ysabel to attend an art gallery reception.  It was such a beautiful drive that we took some photos with our phones.  I think it's amazing how a tiny camera in a phone can capture some pretty decent images.  You be the judge:

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