Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 I realized that I never shared the BEFORE + AFTER from our Master Bath makeover.  Could I get you to trust me that it was very similar to the before guest bath here  I explained in that post why there are no pics of this one.  Trust me....never use the word "demo" lightly around my husband unless you are ready to roll.  He has no problem working around make-up or anything else left out.  Here's the updated version.

We did this job on a budget, but you'd never know it.  Found 2 cabinets on an endcap at Lowe's marked way down.  We bucked them up to each other and they became one large base. The countertop is honed cultured marble we custom ordered from Home Depot.  The hinged mirrors and window blind were from Lowe's and the faucet's and lights were from Menard's.  Glass knobs from Anthropologie. Then what really pulled it together was the backsplash...again, from Lowe's.  Please tell me they have Lowe's in San Diego!!!  We just played around with the different Carrara marble options and Tim did the installation.  We did have to rent a tile cutter to make the corners and ends work.  Walls are painted a soft grey that picks up the veins in the marble.   What a difference!  The new owners love it and that makes me happy.  I'm apparently a Love It and Leave It kinda gal. 

I took all the photos for the sale of the house, but took most of them after the Open House and since the house sold immediately they never got used.  So I figure I can share a couple of them with you.  I previously showed you the BEFORE + AFTER of my design studio here and my kitchen here and dispersed other completed projects here and there.  How about I add some SHOW + TELL of a couple more areas?  I don't have time to dig through old photos to find any befores (aren't digital cameras the best?)  Just think country blues, mauves, dark wood trim, paneling and LOTS of primitive country wallpaper with duck borders in almost every room applied without sizing on bare drywall.  Here goes:

But alas, most of the rooms are now housing stacked boxes and  I am actually giving myself  permission to get excited about my next fixer upper.  You know, I take huge satisfaction from turning a blank slate into a home infused with  personality.   I did that for a living for years and I'm realizing it still runs through my veins.  Hmm.

Hey, don't forget about the giveaway going on in the last post.  Just leave a message and I'd still appreciate anything I should know about San Diego...great shops, restaurants, art, french cottage antiques.  Otherwise, just saying hello works for me.


  1. No wonder your house sold so fast! I really wish you were moving to San Jose! I need a close by friend to guide my own house makeover. I don't know the name, but I saw a great architectural salvage store in SD. Maybe in the vicinity of old town (if that's what it's called). I know there's a strong illustrator's group down there. It's either the Society of Illustrators or SCBWI. I'm sure there are other creatives, too.

  2. Gorgeous house! I love seeing the before & after's. We have done our own basements & decks, etc. but in the next few years want to move and will probably end up with a fixer up too!

  3. I adore your designs, Paula. No surprise that you sold your home quickly! We were blessed to sell our home before our open house as well. Knock on wood, we close this month. A little design know how goes a long way. Loving that backsplash. Saving this in my ideas for our new home. :) Angela Meister



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