Monday, April 12, 2010


You remember this little teaser don't you?
Of course you do!  So set your eyes on this Heavenly Giveaway from Heavenly Hostess.  This halter apron, made from my Summer Soiree is stunningly fashionable, retro modern and so well made that it feels more like a party dress.  It's REVERSIBLE! Flattering and fabulous...AND it can be yours!
Cynthia Wadell, creator of Heavenly Hostess aprons has an fierce passion for encouraging others to serve.  I know many of you are so gifted and use those gifts to bless others, while some of you may wonder or not even realize what talents you do possess.  We would love to hear your thoughts on how;
*you use your gifts everyday to impact others
*you would love to bless someone in your life
*possibly someone in your life has blessed you in a way that might have seemed small at the time, but actually made a huge impact in your life
*what holds you back from reaching out in a positive way to others.

Cynthia and I will pick one story to win this beautiful halter apron, a retail value of $85.00.  Keep in mind, your story does not have to be related to serving food.  There are many gifts and many ways to bless others.
"God has given each of us special abilities, be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God's many kinds of blessings."    1 Peter 4:10

I believe hospitality starts with an attitude of the heart.  It's an act of doing something to help another, whether it's just stopping to really listen, an encouraging word or the ability to make someone feel comfortable.

Hospitality shouldn't become an artform or it loses it's true meaning. 

With that said, I know some of us creative types would rather bestow our blessings while looking our best whenever possible, right?  So please share your thoughts and be sure to go over to Heavenly Hostess to see the abundance of other aprons and beautiful gifts they offer.  And speaking of gifts, this giveaway will make a great Mother's Day gift as well.  I'll keep the comments open for a couple of weeks to give you plenty of time to put fingers to the keypad (instead of pen to paper, get it?)  Oh, and sorry to those of you that were coveting those awesome potholders.  Those are mine, but I know where you can get some just like those.


On another note, I hope your Easter or Passover was full of color and love.  We broke the mold this year and celebrated Easter at Jennifer's new house. 

 Wow, us girls sure were workin the pattern overload, weren't we? 

As usual, I had so many other things to share with you, but not today.  I've got to get back to painting for my next fabric line.  Yup, lots of hand painting!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


As we are clearing out Tim's moms house, this is one of the many things we brought back with us.  It is her artwork from when she was a young girl!  She has a birthday coming up this month...she will be 85!  I must admit, I was so very tempted to put some writing on the empty basket for you.  Something simple like Happy Easter.  Then I thought that Char left it just like that and so will I.  I'll just have to tell you.  Happy Easter.

I am also giving you all a heads up.  I am about to post a rather awesome giveaway this week.  You won't want to miss this one!

We are off to hide the Easter Eggs for the grandkids and squeeze the stuffins out of them.  May you all have a wonderful day and see you back here very soon! 


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