Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I admit that I sat dumbfounded in front of the TV watching the horrible results of Hurricane Sandy's devastation on the other side of the country.  What a contrast, as we have not seen rain since March.  Every day it is the same clear blue skies.  Not complaining, but after over 7 months of clear blue for us transplants, it starts feeling like Groundhog Day.  Subconsciously in October I started painting big puffy clouds.  The very day I was painting the clouds (above) at the Anthenaeum in La Jolla these appeared over our art studio.  Someone called me to go look outside.  I grabbed my iPhone and captured these lit clouds and beams.  

What a glorious ride home as the sky was filled with cotton clouds in the rear view mirror and low, dark ones in front.  As it started to rain rainbows appeared on the interstate floor.  It was something I never experienced before and wanted to take pics as proof, but didn't dare take my hands off the wheel, as I don't trust anyone around me that rarely drives in rain.  When Tim got home he showed me a pic he took on the interstate of TWO rainbows in the sky side-by-side!  It was an amazing day and anyone you spoke with mentioned the clouds and rain.  Please, it was only 1/4" at best, but glorious all the same.


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