Friday, August 27, 2010


I know you're thinking, "What? Two posts back to back?"  Well, I found this in my inbox this morning and this is way too important to not pass this on to my friends.  There is a new book called Sew Retro by Judi Ketteler and she is posting a giveaway for not only the book, but 5 yards of Michael Miller Fabrics.  5 yards of your choosing, in any way you like it...1 yard of 5 different prints, etc.  So much to choose from.  So go put your name in the hat HERE and read the awesome interview she gave with my fearless leader Kathy Miller of Michael Miller fabrics.  Oh, and I wouldn't mind you sending me a little love for tipping you off.  This is an awesome giveaway.  Thanks Judi!

Kathy Miller
Photo courtesy of Kathy Miller; photographed by Kelly Beane

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes peeled because I have a giveaway of my own right here next week. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Are you one of those creative people that can't contain your projects?  I no sooner clean up, then I trash the place again with another 2 or 3 projects.  A couple weeks ago I told you about a project making some quilts for quads; 4 quilts to be exact.  I tried to gather some gals together and needed to think of some quick but fun quilts that wouldn't take too much upfront prep on my part.  I thought the unstructured, playful approach to patchwork was the perfect answer.   Unfortunately the randomness of piecing without a pattern or plan proved a bit challanging so I ended up piecing 2 of the quilt fronts.  I still haven't cleaned up the debri from that evening.

And here's the 2 fronts I made out of these stacks of scraps.


I have been pretty fed up with myself for not exercising.  I procrastinate until it's too late or I'm too tired, or it's too hot, too cold...  Well, my daughter has two bff's that are awesome buff.  One is a physical therapist and personal trainer.  I just hauled off and hired her before my ears had time to hear what my mouth said.  So on Tuesday I drove across town and had my first torture, I mean, workout.  Now we really do have plenty of trainers close to where I live, but the last time I signed up for a personal trainer the gal was maybe 20, max, and wore glitter on her face.  I just couldn't take her seriously, and she treated me like I was old.  I am old; just don't want to be treated that way.  So all of a sudden I'm on a scheduled workout program and food plan.  I hope I can stick with it.  I think I can, I think I can. 

Friday, August 13, 2010


One of the glories of blogging is making wonderful friends like Victoria of Bumble Beans.  We started communicating last year and even though we have never met in person, I feel like I know her, her adorable daughter, all that she loves, but most of all her love for quilting and charity quilts.  It's fun to watch her play and experiment with the fabrics before she lands on the perfect configuration.  So yesterday she sent me pics of her latest creation made entirely of my fabrics and I just had to share her Starlight Baby Quilt front and back:

Here she is playing with the fabrics for the Playtime Quilt. So sorry I don't have a good finished pic, but I think it's close to that tiny blurry one to show you her process.   She works miracles with tiny scraps, no?

Here's what I think is at the quilters, and here is what she was experimenting with for her mom's for Mothers Day gift.

She just opened a new website this week showing some of her creations and, of course, you can follow her blog here.  Thanks to Victoria for all that fabric love.

Have another awesome weekend, my loves.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was working on the computer yesterday with the TV on when I heard a commotion.  I looked up to see six three year olds, sextuplets to be exact, running wild on the set of the Today Show.  Natalie Morales was trying her best to conduct an interview with the parents while the kids were hitting and chasing each other and crying.  I am not here to judge any ones parenting skills, or the fact that the kids might have been eating candy in the Green Room beforehand.  I am only here to say as I watched in amazement I did notice the parents had excellant taste.  I got up closer to the TV to catch a better look at the girls as they darted around and sure enough, their skirts were made with this Nosegay fabric from my Summer Soiree fabric. 

Here is a link if you care to watch six three year old children flipping out in fashion.  Otherwise, you can just trust me.  I just know if I had six kids to get ready to be on TV I would've forgotten to dress a few.

UPDATE: Thursday Today Show showed the sextuplets clip from yesterday. Natalie said the kids had eaten all the donuts in the Green Room before going on air.  I think they must have finished off the pot of coffee, too. Natalie said they've had over a million hits to view the mayhem and it hit the late night comedy circuit too.  But, does anyone know that was my fabric?  What?  It isn't all about me? Whatever.
Speaking of multiples, a couple from our church had quadruplets and we can't let the sextuplets outdo them in the syle catagory, so a few of us gals are getting together to whip up some baby quilts.  I use the words "whip up" loosely, as I don't whip up very well.  I'm more of a "let's hold high mass" over all projects. Quite awhile back I made some Drunk Love quilt squares and me thinks they will make perfect starting points.  I'll let you know how they turn out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I seriously have the best neighbors.  I don't want to brag, but I'm just sayin.  Just a for instance: We had just returned from the Farmer's Market today and stopped to talk to our next door neighbor and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds enjoy a feast at her zinnia smorgasbord.  I confessed to her that I covet her flowers and sometimes come and take photos.  Tim wanted to buy me a bouquet of zinnias at the Market, but I told him my house was in such disarray with projects strewn about that they'd just get lost.  A few minutes later she came to the door with these.  Aren't they wonderful?  Isn't she wonderful?


My other neighbors are out of town and asked us to pick their tomatoes for ourselves.  Sorry, I didn't wash them first but they are fresh off the vine.  They'll be so yummy with basil tonight and we'll eat on the back porch (the only solid surface still available in the house) and pray our neighbors gardens grow even bigger and better.

Friday, August 6, 2010


You know how people say things like, "We should get together sometime"?  I don't like saying that or hearing it because it's a dangling carrot that eventually rots on the string.  Ewww.  But when Patty and I talked about having a playdate it was as much about getting the kids together and we would tag along.  Had a huge feeling that Amelia and Sydney would hit it off.  And did they EVER!  They pretty held hands the entire day.  So stinkin cute.  Wyatt and Sophia were cute, too, but no holding hands there.  Patty and Jon took most of the photos.  Here are a few.

Amelia and Sydney when they first met


While there was quite a bit to do at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, the Barbi exhibit was actually very enjoyable, even for the guys.  For me, it brought back a flood of memories.  I had handmade clothes for my Barbi.  Sure wish I still had them.  Tim's mom knitted Barbi outfits for Jennifer which now belong to Amelia.  This spring I bought a Barbi doll at a yard sale because, even though it was a reproduction, she was the Barbi I had as a child.  The blonde bouffant.  I have an attraction to the 60's fashion so the girl in me snatched her up for $5. 

My Barbi on her way out for a fun weekend. You have a fun weekend, too, and do something childlike.


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