Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Well, last time we spoke I was working on building a new website.  But just to be an overachiever I was also building a shop on Etsy to offer art prints and my out of print stash of fabrics.  The plan was to finish the website first, but while my MacGyver husband was helping me with a problem he hit the OPEN SHOP button.  I thought no one would notice I was there yet and quietly kept plugging away.  Wrong.  A gal from Australia found me and Facebooked her Aussie friends.  BAM!  Love those Aussies.  So I just officially added my Etsy shop in the sidebar to the right and invite you come on over.  I'm still listing items, so if you have a particular art print or fabric you don't see, please ask.

In other breaking news, Tim and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary; it rained once here in San Diego and we ran around trying to save the rain water in buckets and trash cans; AND I broke my own record of 6 hours straight in the dentist chair!  

Oh, and I finally broke away for lunch at Cafe Merlot with an awesome friend and it was so much fun to play hookie from the routine.  Sure beats pita chips, garlic hummus and talking to myself in front of the computer.  Must try this again sometime.


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