Friday, January 30, 2009


My grandson Wyatt was very excited to help me choose a number for the winner of the Blogiversary. He chose: 21 which was the 21st post, belonging to Bellystitch. So, if you will email me your name and address we will send you your 2 choices of fabric. Thanks for participating!

Also, not that it was a surprise, but the Par Avion fabric in Ocean seems to be the overall favorite, followed closely by Par Avion in Spring. Ah, Ocean and Spring.

This is a photoless Friday. Have a warm and cozy weekend. xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Kay from Serendipity Studio/Sew Serendipity sent me pictures of this wonderful floor pillow she just completed for an upcoming issue of Stitch magazine. It's a reversable I'm loving it twice as much.
I have to tell you, I've never met Kay, but when I was in Houston for the Quilt Market I rarely left my booth. On the last day of the show I knew I better get some lunch before teardown. I heard there was a food area so I raced off, quickly ate and started to race back. Then stopped dead in my tracks and backed up to see this boutique booth. The clothes were so hip. Aw geez, next thing I knew I purchased 5 patterns and was sorry I didn't get to meet the designer before I skipped back to my booth. I have yet to sew anything yet, you know me, baby steps.
Speaking of baby steps; I'm working on a lampshade for my studio. I found this lamp (on the left) at a store in Michigan and thought it went so well with my canvas art (on the right), but it needed a shade. I have a local magazine coming this week to do a photo shoot, so that kinda pushes me to get some projects completed. I'll let you see how it turns out.

Finally, it's my first blogiversary today. So, ya wanna celebrate with me? Okay. Check it out.
We here are wondering what our most favorite fabrics are and it's too early to tell. Would you please email and let me know which two of my Flights of Fancy fabrics (pattern and colorway) are your favorites and why. On Friday I will pick a random winner and send you your two favorites....a half yard of each. I'll have fun calculating all your top choices and one of you will enjoy making something fun from your choices. See, fun all around!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Better late than never, right? This was the doll quilt and pillow I made for Amelia to go with the doll bed we gave her this Christmas. Problem was that I didn't get a good photo before since I was working on it until the last minute. I must say I had trouble. I used to sew all the time when the kids were young, but not only am I rusty, so is my my old, old sewing machine. I used a new machine that Jennifer had just purchased. I won't say which brand, but it had A Little Engine That Couldn't. It wouldn't go over the slightest thickness and I spent more time tearing out hard balls of stitching on the reverse side than I spent sewing. Thank goodness, Mia was thrilled and did not critique my labors.

So I decided it was time for me to join the sewing world again. For years now I had professional sewing rooms sew or upholster all my creations. And years before that I learned heirloom quilting and don't even know how to machine quilt. Pretty sad, huh? I LOVE creating and handwork, so guess what I got for Christmas???


I bought a pre-owned Bernina virtuosa 153, Quilter's Edition. I hope that was a good decision for me. I researched at least what I thought I'd like to be able to do and the amount I could spend. I know it's an older machine, but the person who owned it took excellent care. I will be able to take classes, and I'll sure share any attempts. I imagine I'll start small, because I'm a bit intimidated. My very old machine did straight, zig zag, primitive button holes and that's about it. This one, though older has lots of bells and whistles I never had. I might be asking for advise.

Tomorrow is my First Blog Anniversary. I'm thinking of how I should celebrate. Any ideas?

Friday, January 23, 2009


We drove to LA via the coast so we could see the ocean along the way. When we reached Malibu Tim couldn't contain himself any longer. He pulled over and took this little video with his new camera. So here's my final SHOW + TELL for all my friends.
Jennifer and Amelia picked me up (Tim is still there on business) at the airport, while Wyatt stayed home to help make dinner with Joe. It was so fun to get those squeals, hugs and kisses. They were so excited that I was spending the night. Yeah, so excited that they came into my room about 6:15 am with a sleeping bag. The loud whispering, giggling and rearranging turned into full blown laughter. So last night I literally fell asleep way early. I'm glad to get back to work. I have several projects to jump back in and finish. Thanks for the love while I was gone.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am headed back home this morning, but wanted to share some last photos of inspiration. Also, thanks to Emma of Sampaguita Quilts , I realized I didn't mention that we intended to bring my good camera, but Tim accidently left it in the car at the airport (it was 5:30 am, dark and frigid cold). We skipped taking photos in San Diego, but by the time we got to Santa Barbara, Tim ran out in search of a camera. So before I head back into the grey, cold world of January reality, let me take you on a final walk. Enjoy!!!


Above is a vintage postcard of the Old Mission, but I can tell you, it still looks exactly as it did. Walking the nearby streets was like a step back in time. I LOVE doors with character, especially doors leading to a courtyard. So mysterious. Here's just a few.

I love speakeasys. I saw quite a few, but only captured a couple. Many houses are surprisingly close to the sidewalk so I felt a bit uncomfortable.

Here are just some fun pictures back on the grounds of the Oceana. So many charming nooks, lots of European influence all around and red geraniums everywhere.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Santa Barbara might just be my new favorite vacation spot. I am sitting here among breathtaking mountains, the ocean and beautiful architecture. It is so peaceful and serene. There are no bugs to attack me and no humidity to attack my hair. I can walk for miles, which I do daily. I have had time to journal, pray, read, meditate..I'm trying to over compensate for normally neglecting such important things. I am so thankful I have been given this time to plan and regroup for the months ahead.

If you have never been to Santa Barbara, I'd love to take you along on my daily walking tour. Note: the vintage postcard above is now one of 3 buildings that have been turned into the boutique Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara . It is quite charming in every respect..old Santa Barbara style. It's early so let's step out the door. This is a sitting area with mountains and ocean view. Anyone know what those bands are on all the palm trees? Here's the sunrise at 6:30 this morning.

Tim ran out the first night here and bought a small Canon Power Shot because we just had to get some photos of this. We are pleased with the quality. It even takes videos so Tim got the waves with the sound..awesome. We are quite impressed with this tiny pocket camera.

Next post I'll take you for a walk around the neighborhood's architecture. xoxoxo

Monday, January 19, 2009


Please, don't hate me. I have been gloriously swept away from the bitter cold of Indiana by my Prince Charming husband to sunny and warm California. He had an on again, off again business trip that all of a sudden was on and wanted me to join him. Being the dutiful wife that I always am, I dropped everything. Do I hear growling? Oh, it's probably Jennifer who is back at the office, freezing and buried in work. I'll get you a t-shirt, sweetie.

The highlight was that my friend Kay Ellen drove down to spend the day with me last Tuesday and we had a wonderful time. I'm thankful for the photos that Kay took of our day, so please check out Kay's blog here for her great photo journaling of the days events.

Here's just one serene view of an area outside of the Hilton Mission Bay Resort and of
one of the chandeliers inside. It's hard to show you how simply cool this was. It was all hand blown glass balls threaded with clear string. It truly looked like bubbles under water.

Next stop; Santa Barbara. Until then....


I'm out of town (which I'll be posting about soon) but my dear friend Kay Ellen emailed to let me know about the article in Sew News that just came out. Wanted to share it with you until I can get my next post finished. Do you like my Sexy (grand) Mama pose?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know I added some online stores in my sidebar that I know are carrying my Flights of Fancy fabrics. If you are carrying a significant portion of my line and want me to add you just send me an email and a link. Thanks!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey, I found these on the Fat Quarter Shop website. It still catches me by surprise to see my fabrics out there. Once you get your creative little fingers on these fabrics I'd be so thrilled for you to share with the rest of us what you've made. I set up a Flights of Fancy pool on Flickr for you to add things. Hope you will!

Speaking of fat quarters: All this quilt/sewing/fabric talk is fairly new around here. I knew all the lingo for home dec sewing from my interior design business. However, there is new lingo that gets thrown around in conversation that my husband had never heard before. When I used the term "fat quarter" in a sentence he got a puzzled look, was silent for a moment, then simply said. " Animal. Vegetable or Mineral?" I can't say "fat quarter" now without giggling on the inside.

I am planning some sewing projects myself, but nothing ready to show. We're still juggling too many things right now. Hoping to have some fun creating with my own fabrics very soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I did it. Tim and I hopped in the car this weekend and made our way into a full parking lot and followed the hoards of people into the local indoor exercise facility. I chose the track while Tim went swimming. I decided to walk fast...8014 steps to be exact (pedometer) to control the jiggling from all those mashed potatoes and chocolate covered pretzels I had consumed over the holidays.
.As I walked my way around the track (not an easy task with half of my hometown doing the same thing) I questioned again why I resisted following the crowd. Then I remembered my senior prom 1970. I was adament back then to have a one-of-a-kind prom dress. I didn't want to act better, I just wanted to be unique. I went to great lengths to pay for a dress that I was told was "an original", I loved it and I just knew it would turn heads. Yeah, and apparantly Lerner's loved the dress, too, because they made a knock-off. I was unique all right: the only gal in my huge graduating class that paid 3 times more for my "Lerner's" dress and there were 6 of us with the same dress!
That long walk around Memory Lane got me curious. So I came home and pulled out my very retro 1970's photo album. I bet you're wondering what magnificent "ball gown" I wore to the prom, aren't ya? Well, my dress was actually very simple, not showy at all. It was very different at the time because it was actually a pants dress, but didn't look like it. It was pink crepe and had a waistband with pearls and beads. All I could only find was this horrible Poloroid, so I drew it for you.

So here's what I learned through this walk....I need to walk a heck of a lot more!!! Look at the top photo. I had a neck back then! I was pretty sure I used to have one, but here's the proof. And look at those arms. Obviously I should have been following the crowd to the gym ages ago!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, warm greetings from my house to yours. I have been terrible about taking photos lately so I pulled this from a previous holiday (2002). A few changes in landscaping since then, but it's the same house and the same warm wishes from me to all of you.

It has been so long since I've had the luxury of sitting still long enough to blog. As much as I wish that the month of December wouldn't be a blur, it happened again this year. Jennifer and I have been working nonstop to get our two showrooms in Atlanta and LA ready for January Markets, and putting the final touches on my second collection of fabric designs. We made a decision to not go to New York for that show. Good thing, or else I'd probably be writing this from a hospital ward.

I did take Christmas Day off and we had a great time with Jennifer, Joe and the grandkids. I squeezed in making a doll quilt and pillow for the doll bed we got Mia, but alas I have no photos that turned out. Tim and I drove to Michigan to have Christmas with his family. We got back Monday afternoon and 4 hours later our dear friend from Nashville came for a visit. Unfortunately he came just in time to see us in our crazed whirlwind of deadlines. He watched us run from studio to office to workroom to get shipments out and designs printed. THEN, we had the annual New Years eve party at our house last eve, so he got to see how I exchanged one crazed mode for the the next phase....running around cleaning, cooking, stashing, etc. We pulled off a party by the skin of my teeth and help from the guys. Had a wonderful time, and after the last dish was put away I collapsed on the sofa and Tim said he tried 3 times to wake me to no avail. So today my only goal is to get a post out to all my dear blogging friends. Nothing else!

So much has happened for me this last year. Last January I started my blog and it's kinda fun to see the how far I've come since first fabric designs with a second collection in the works. And I've met so many wonderful people (YOU) in the process. Oh, that reminds me, here's a picture from our local Indianapolis Monthly Magazine that just came out. I am very pleasantly surprised that my fabrics and handmade bird got a full page. A gal contacted me from the magazine even before anyone had seen my fabrics to say she wanted to feature them in an article. I asked her how she even knew about my fabrics since we hadn't even gone to Quilt Market to debut them. She said she read my blog! They even postponed the article from November to January because I told them the stores wouldn't even have the fabrics yet. It turned out lovely, didn't it? Thanks IM Magazine!

Now, a rant about resolutions. I like them, but not the New Years ones. Can't exactly put my finger on why I don't want to make resolutions on New Years, but keep in mind I didn't like to wear anything new I got for Christmas to school right away either. I'd wait and slip something new in gradually after everyone else was done strutting their new stuff. Why? I don't know. Oh yeah, I digress. So anyway, this year I'm feeling conflicted because I NEED to become resolute about some things. So what if the day I choose to do that is on New Years Day? I'm doin it! Yeah! I AM the boss of me. ................what did I just do? Said I was making a New Years Resolution, didn't I?

Thank you all so much for all your love, support and friendship this past year. I am planning a one year anniversary celebration, so stay tuned. For now, may I wish us all a wonderfully creative 2009!


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