Monday, April 23, 2012



Assigned seating never looked so good.  Turn a slipcovered chair into a designer chair before dinnertime.   I chose parsons chairs with ready-made slipcovers (these were from World Market and slipcovers were sold separately.  This is truly a no sew project.  How cool is that?  As I explained in the tutorial for the napkins I chose Sealah Adhesive Sheets to apply the numbers because it is an industrial strength adhesive that is transparent, washable, and has other pleasing properties for projects such as these appliqu├ęs. 


1 Sealah Adhesive Sheet per number or letter or heavy weight double-sided iron-on adhesive
Iron and ironing board (optional)
X-ACTO knife
Cutting mat
Ruler or measuring tape
100% cotton fabric 6” x 11 ½” piece per number or letter

Let's Get Started

Notes: I have provided a step-by-step tutorial on the March 12 in Twelve Tutorial: Got Your Number Napkins.  Go take a look at steps 11 through 17 for details, then come back and get your numbers on.

Also, I realized it would have been much easier to measure with the slipcovers on the chairs.  In fact, if you are using the Sealah sheets and choose not to iron press the numbers you could do this entire project right onto the chair back.  

My numbers were 8" high, but push your chair up to the table to determine how high and large you want the number.

1     I used Photoshop to select a number font.  Make sure the number is reversed (mirror image) and resize to desired height.  Plan to fit each number inside a 6” x 11 ½” space (which is the size of the Sealah Sheets).
2     Print out the reversed number on copy paper and tape it onto the white side of the Sealah Sheet at several places to prevent the number from shifting.
3     Cut a piece of the fabric for the numbers the same size as the Sealah Sheet.
4     Turn the Sealah Sheet over so the orange side is facing up.  Begin peeling the orange backing off the Sealah Sheet and carefully place the fabric over the adhesive.
5     Using a new, sharp X-ACTO knife blade and a cutting mat carefully cut along the edge of the number.  You will be cutting through a few layers so you will most likely need to go over an area twice to get a clean cut.  Make sure to use a new blade as this minimizes fraying of the fabric.
6     Determine how high you want the number, then measure from left to right.  Make light marks that will be covered by the number (Diagram 1)

Diagram 1

7     Remove the orange backing.  The adhesive is quite sticky so be ready to place with minimal touching.  (Diagram 2)

Diagram 2

8     You can cure the adhesive even quicker by pressing with a warm iron, but not necessary.  (Diagram 3)

Diagram 3


It is no surprise that I have a love affair with flowers.  I have my usual favorites, but more recently I've fallen head over heels for ranunculus.  Just so happens The Flower Fields in Carlsbad have acres in bloom right now.  I had no idea what to expect.  It quickly became clear as we got closer that this must be the tenth wonder of the world.  Finding parking was near impossible and the sheer number of people there from around the world made me unsure of how much I really needed to follow through with this idea.  Apparently the Red Hat Society converged for a worldwide meeting, or so it seemed.  Never saw so much red and purple in my life.  But once I saw the fields all the stress and craziness became secondary to the amazing beauty.  I took enough photos to produce a lifetime of paintings.  Here are just a few images. 

I went for a wide range of photos from rows as far as the eye can see to clusters to closeup.  So many more colors, but I don't want to overwhelm you.  Those are condos; can you image that view?  It might be balanced by the hoards of people, and traffic, I'm sure

These are for my followers viewing pleasure and I want you to enjoy them.  However, please don't take them for your personal use.  Thank you. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Flowers from the yard are adorning the house.  I just realized that I have not taken photos of my new Demdaco line as I was taking this photo of the tray.  I'll just need to take more photos later.  Not now because Jennifer and the kiddos are here for Spring break!  The weather is beautiful and we are taking full advantage. 

My two favorite guys heading in


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