Friday, September 23, 2011


So, I got a wild hair idea, or is it wild hare?  Anyway, I wanted to play around with painting fabric, but didn't have fabric paint.  I thought that when I got acrylic paint on my clothes it was permanent, so why not do it on purpose.  I played folks.   Definitely had to give myself permission.   And had fun.  Okay, so after I painted I took it outside and hung it over a fence to dry.  Problem is I went in, made dinner, cleaned up, yada and totally forgot I left my fabric out.  I went out this morning to find that the sprinklers went off and sprayed it with dirt.  So, had to rinse the fabric in the sink, then into the washer.   The vibrancy is gone, but that doesn't concern me, since I know how easy it will be to add more color when I finally figure out what I'm doing.  

I mentioned in my last post that I didn't take my camera to The Creative Connection.  But Patty did and took some silly shots that just cracks me up. Love my fabric friends.

Let me FINALLY announce the winner of the pillow GIVEAWAY.  I sometimes choose creative ways to find winners.  This time I called my Jennifer (as opposed to someone else's Jennifer) and asked her to pick a number.  She chose 27 for Wyatt's birthday.  That would be Carolann.  Very scientific, right?  Carolann, send me an email with your info, okay?

Have an awesome, colorful, permission to play kind of weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I just returned from a packed few days at The Creative Connection.  I had no idea what to wear, but one thing I knew for sure is I had to have one of the clutches that Simone creates out of my Botanika fabrics.  She whipped this baby up just in time.  LOVE!  Go check out some of the other ones.  Simone rocks Botanika.

Couldn't find my business cards (you know my moving saga), then realized my info would have been all wrong anyway.  Didn't want to lug my large camera and intended to borrow Tim's smaller one, but geez, somehow I forgot that in the middle of the night. So, I'm about to reveal a few really bad photos of some awesome ladies.   

Us sewing gals quickly found each other like moths to flame.

Here is one of the reasons I participated in The Creative Connection.  The particular roundtable I  was involved with was packed, both with experts and women hoping to glean invaluable information.  Several women were able to pitch their ideas and art to the top gift companies and ask questions to some of us licensed designers working with these companies.  What an incredible opportunity, certainly one I would have loved to have had myself many years ago. 

I took a few classes.  Two classes from Traci Bautista.  Funny, because her style is so very different than mine, but I was there to stretch myself.  And boy that stretched me.  I ended up in the same classes and at the same table with Brenda Pinnick a couple times.  We became fast painting buddies, sharing supplies and fabric scraps.  We quickly realized the fabrics we were sharing were our own designs and complimented each others.  What fun!  My hair gets wild when I get creative. 

Brenda Pinnick and me

Me and Traci Bautista
I was quite happy to meet Holly Becker of Decor8, finally.  She has sent some love my way over the years and I've followed her design blog since 2005.  Studied her new book DECORATE from cover to cover on the flights home. 

Me with Holly Becker
 Okay, that's all I can talk about today, but I will be picking a winner of the Pillow Giveaway this week.  If you haven't already, click here and leave a comment for a chance to win this pillow from The Paula Prass Collection for Demdaco:

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today would have been Jonathan's birthday.  No matter how bad he was doing, I could always count on him resurfacing around his birthday.  I've been dreading September 10 knowing I'd have to face another reality.  Three days ago I actually got an email from Jon Prass.  I sat there and tried not to freak out.  No words, just an attachment which I would not open.  Tim investigated when he got home and some freaks used his email to sell Viagra.  Jon would've chuckled.  Maybe he still did.  But the timing sucked.  It all sucks.  Got on his Facebook page late last eve and saw the messages his friends were leaving him.  I laid awake all night.

One of the friends I met through Facebook and Twitter is the amazing artist, Laura Zarrin.  Right before this past Mother's Day I got a surprise package from her with this artwork she made for me.  It about brought me to my knees. 


Thing is, others thought about me on Mother's Day and along the way sending notes of encouragement or just offering a word or two.  Wow.  That's the kind of amazing friends I have.  And I, on the other hand, have been so lame to not share these blessings with you.  I'm making a promise to do better.  I swear, I take pictures and jot notes down about what I want to tell you all, but then I just feel like the wind gets knocked out of my sails.  I have so much to share and I just need to do it!  Maybe in smaller spurts.  I can do this! 

Jennifer and I hung out on Skype today.  Both on our sofas without makeup and talking for what seemed like a couple hours.  2000 miles apart.  We were barely off the phone when flowers appeared at the door..from my girl.  Aren't they beautiful?  Isn't she beautiful?  Only thing better would have been for us to be together today and tomorrow....we're sure we would've shopped.  

Tomorrow is another day that will forever bond Jennifer and I closer together.  See, Jennifer was on business in downtown NY on 9/11.  It was the worst several hours until she could call to say she was okay and days before she could get back home.  It's was such a sobering time when she got back and the memories come flooding back every year, esp. on this 10 year anniversary.   I'm so thankful for the social media on days like these.

Speaking of social media, we were in that  royal blackout that affected 1.4 million people here a couple days ago.  Our cell phones weren't even working.  No internet, TV, nothing.  It was a stinkin 100 degrees too.  I always like the initial adventure, brought candles and a lantern to an elderly neighbor we met right there on the spot.  She is quite a delightful lady and we might not have met so quickly.  We made a very interesting dinner and ate outside by candlelight.  With all the lights out EVERYWHERE the stars were brilliant.  Then we hopped in the car and drove around, both for the breeze and the radio news.  The news said families were forced to spend the evening together, neighbors grilled out,  sharing food.  We should all have mandatory random blackouts, don't ya think?  Well, unless you're in an elevator or on an amusement park ride....then you're exempt.  Anyway, everything came back on here 12 hrs later (in the middle of the night) which set off the house alarms.  With all the windows and doors open for air that sat us straight up and outta bed before we were awake!

Since I haven't been a good friend I haven't told you that I was asked to participate in The Creative Connection which is, OH MY, like in a few days!  I am on a panel for a Pitch Slam.  When they asked me I was a bit reluctant since I don't really work out.   However, after better understanding I learned I am not required to do the pitch slamming.  Instead, I'm on a roundtable listening to people pitch their designs for the Gift Industry.  That sounds much safer, doesn't it?  I'm truly excited to be a part of this roundtable and rub elbows with my fellow Demdaco buddies.  I do license my artwork  for fabrics and artwork, as well, so I think I have something to bring to the (round) table.  I am so needing to get out and be amongst creative peeps right now while passing along the knowledge I have gained.  So, are any of you attending? 

Last on my list of "I'm going to do better":  We found the pillow for the giveaway that the movers played Scramble with.  I am not announcing the winner, however, until I find the post office.  Love you!


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