Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Did I ever tell you I love lemons? I love their color, texture, the way they reflect light, the fresh smell, shape, taste. I love lemons. Earlier this summer I designed my first art quilt for Quilting Arts Commemorative Issue of the International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene Magazine. Say that five times! The magazine finally arrived today. I'm honored that my first attempt is among so many beautiful award winning quilts and amazing projects. Seriously. I do give full instructions on how to turn a photo into fabric art. Oh, on the back of the quilt I used the selvage from my fabric as my signature because I don't have tags of my own. Just wanted to give you a peek. If you'd like to order your own Quilt Scene, go to Quilting Arts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Maybe while others have moved on, I'm still thinking about Houston Quilt Market 2009. What a blur it seems now that I'm back and still cleaning up the debri. I somehow didn't get my fill, so recently looked around and found more photos I wish I had. Well I do now. I asked Mary, er, I mean TOLD Mary I had to have this picture of us two being so good. Love that gal!

Now who wouldn't want this photo? Found it on Patty Young's blog. Thank's Jon for a great shot of fun at the Michael Miller 10th Anniversary Party. What a happy evening.

I snatched this from Kathy's blog. Only I know just how much is missing in this photo. I had big plans for the booth. Oh well. Let it go Paula! Just let it go.

I took these on my iPhone of my Tim (MacGyver) Prass doing what he does so well. By the way, I'm sure you're wondering how many husbands can actually fit their entire bodies inside the frame? No pictures of me that evening because I was literally lying on the floor staring into space after way too many hours without sleep. Every once in awhile I'd say "Lookin good, hon," or "Great job, MacGyver (yawn)".

On another note, in a very short time I found these three items made from my Flights of Fancy fabrics. Jona told me at Market that JoAnn's had sewing baskets using my Papillon fabric. I kind of didn't believe it at first, but then realized Jona sells all my fabrics and uses them herself, so she could spot the real deal. When we all got back home, Jona Twittered this picture of the basket. Yup, that's mine, sittin right next to my buddy Sandi Henderson. How fitting. So, I made a trip to the JoAnn's here and they didn't have it...yet?

Then I was clearing out the stacks of mail and flipped quickly through a trade magazine and found this diaper bag with my Zinnia Path fabric (Flights of Fancy). How fun was that?

About as much fun as running into these pj's from The Cat's Pajama's! They are flannel, but that's definately my Fretwork Stripe. Darned if I wouldn't love to be wearing these while using that coordinating sewing basket (above). You can see that, right?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What a whirlwind tour. Set up was not so fun, especially because I had pulled an all-nighter, and that just doesn't work for me like it used to, oh thirty or forty years ago. But alas, my husband put on his McGuyver hat and here are a couple pictures of my booth. I went for clean and uncluttered; a place to kick off your shoes, ya know, (I sure did!) and visit with everyone. That's my favorite part. And hearing the response to my new Woodland Delight and upcoming fabric patterns.

We stopped and ran off to Schoolhouse where Sandi and I both talked about creating fresh shop displays. The room was packed, so most of the photos we saw were too far away or the back of peoples heads. But alas, Mary Abreu and Jona came through with close-ups. I want to scrounge around to find some other shots, because I want you to see the back of that jacket I'm wearing. It's one of my upcoming patterns and I love it!

Here are are some of my lovely neighbors: Patty Young in her very cheerful space. She makes me feel so tall. Then Anne Maxfield and Val Pillow of Pillow and Maxfield. Their booth was 3 thumbs up in my book (oops, I was trying to keep that 3rd thumb of mine a secret). My closest next door neighbor was Sandi Henderson, and I have no idea why I have no pics of her booth. We still haven't looked through our cell phone or Jennifer's camera yet, but this is a good start.

Now I had lots of visitors, but the photo's were just plain crappy (sorry, just being honest). Patty gave us a photo lesson using an awesome flash, which I must purchase ASAP. That's why her photos are always so bombdalicious and Jennifer used her flash to take that picture of Patty and I. Anyway, I only have one so far that I can share. Weren't Missy and Liz of Sweet Funky Vintage were ever so matchy in my booth?!

If you've read other blogs, you might have noticed that Michael Miller Fabrics set up an elaborate, uh, how shall I say, trailer park called Camp Michael Miller. At one point Kathy walked "across the street" into my booth and commented on how our side of the street was so sophisticated. We all had fun with it, but before we left for dinner one eve, Tim got this picture of the raccoon "roadkill". I think it was playing possum because next day the raccoon was fine.

The gnome and Christine (MMF) paid us a visit. Actually, Christine came to visit our comfy chair and we enjoyed her company. Oh, and the jacket Jennifer is wearing is another version of the pattern. The back is pleated, and you're not seeing that in my pictures.

I didn't wander away as much as I'd wanted, but made it a point to go find my Twitter friend and fellow fabric designer Michelle Engel Bencsko. We have never met in person, so here we are in her lovely booth!

Quilt Market would be incomplete without dinner one night with Joey and Jona (Fabritopia). Tim is taking the picture, but he was there cracking one joke after another with Joey. We just have to get together more often.

Okay, here are the winners of the GIVEAWAY I posted before I left for Market.

Paula, Seriously! You need to do something I hate for a change - my budget cannot keep up with you. This is TDF!I think it's my fav yet! I love those large scale flowers - those are coming to live with me. At least they can keep me company since my hubby will likely move out after this!

Julie @ Joy's Hope:
One, no scratch that, one hundred yards in each print please. Or some fat quarters... I won't be picky. ADORE IT!!! Need to build a new cabinet to hold the yumminess. My husband will most likely have words with you.

Oh are amazing! These are stunning! How could you out-do your last line - it's stunning! And these are gorgeous! I love the brown and pink line - so perfect for my daughters room! Ok - I'm officially in love - when oh when will these be available? :) :)
Just send me your address and we'll send the goodies. xoxo
I want to thank everyone for such incredibly loving comments about my new collection. You all certainly make doing what I do more rewarding!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woodland DELIGHT!

As usual before a show, the to-do lists are longer than the hours in a day, and whenever possible we multi task. As we were finishing up some photos of some upcoming clothing patterns I had the idea to have Jennifer take some quick shots of me. I picked up a stack of fabric and started playing around. Amelia was "helping" us, as four year olds do, so I asked, "Mia, make Mimi laugh". That's all I needed to get a couple good shots. Now knowing that you really do care about the behind the scenes around here, I am going to reveal why Jennifer was able to get this delightful laugh out of me....


Here is what we were really Audrey and Petite Audrey upcoming patterns. Frankly, I am DELIGHTED again. Hmm, does anyone smell a theme here? For those coming to Quilt Market you will see these and my other patterns made up in the new Woodland Delight fabrics. When I return from Market I will add additional photos of the other patterns, then dive into the written instructions. As for when these patterns will be ready, I promise to keep you posted.
I adore Simone and her impeccable handbag making skills. She made up the Jackie bag for me as I showed you in my last post AND now my larger version pattern called Oh Jackie! Here it is. I was so tempted to use it as my carry on. Maybe on the return flight.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful comments you left on my last post. Some of what you said made me laugh, confirmed why I love what I do, and a time or two brought tears to my eyes.
If you are headed to Market I hope you will come to the fun Schoolhouse with Sandi Henderson and I. There will be giveaways...OF COURSE. If you aren't going we will take lots of photos for you. I will choose the winners of the Woodland Delight giveaway in my next post...hope you can wait. xoxo


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