Thursday, July 31, 2014


Back in November I began a mixed media painting and thought it was about time I put the finishing touches on it. Let me take you back to the layers and process. First, I chose a photo of my father-in-law's childhood that makes me smile, especially knowing him as an adult. That rifle has to be twice as tall as Paul. I'm guessing he's about three years old here and living on a farm in Texas. With no siblings or anyone closely, his friends were the animals. He had two cows Pete and Repeat. I made copies of various ephemera, like the notes written on the back of photos, maps, rifle targets, pages from his childhood books and anything relating to his life on the farm in the 1920's. I applied the layers onto a 12"x30" x 2.25"d canvas as the foundation.

Even though it was close to completion, I set it aside to move onto the holidays and then other paintings. Lately I am in the mood to finish up. So here you go!
The full piece is on left and a couple closeup shots on the right. Hope he's smiling.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This is one of several paintings I had in a stack of unfinished pieces. Someone noticed it in one of my Facebook photos of my studio and claimed it. How cool is that? However, this will be available as a print in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We halted gutting and remodeling our kitchen to focus our creativity on our church's annual Marriage Retreat. Marriage is Like a Roller Coaster had my mind rolling on how to maximize this theme. Tim and I went all out on the photo booth. I mean ALL OUT. 

My husband made the process so entertaining. One morning I walked past the guest room and this is what I saw under the bed out of the corner of my eye. 

If that wasn't enough to startle me, when he finally completed the get-up he sat them in my family room. I admit I jumped every time I turned the corner.

While Tim was creating the coaster cars I was painting this 8'x8' background on my dining room floor…..

and packing up gift boxes at the dining table.

All for this thrilling moment!

All our hard work paid off, and everyone got into character for their photos. The night before the photo booth was revealed we watched some hilarious videos of couples reactions on roller coaster rides. One guy passed out, another lady screamed OH MY about a hundred times and another lady swore she would never forgive her husband. The next day the couples got into character; some guys faked passing out, a gal mimicked the wife who held onto her husband's hair.  

You should have seen the back seat of our car as we transported these legs up to Newport Beach and back for the retreat. If we had been pulled over we would've had a lot of Splainin To Do!  Can't say we don't know how to celebrate and laugh at the ups and downs of marriage. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Can't tell you how many times since living in San Diego; which by the way has been 3 years now, that we have had people say, "What? You haven' been to Paso Robles yet"? You can only hear that comment so many times before you finally say, "Fine then. Twist our arms." So we ended up staying at the coolest cottage on an olive orchard and roaming the countryside taking hundreds of photos, visiting wineries, art galleries, eateries and just enjoying every twist and turn. 

Early evening view from our Lanai

Proulx Winery

Moonstone Beach in Cambria

I took hundreds of photos and hoping you will see some of those along the way in the form of paintings. Tim and I haven't been able to pinpoint why, but for some reason this short trip was at the top of our favorites. 

Now back home we have taken on our biggest remodel so far. Plastic tents, upholstery all covered, rugs rolled back...we are doing it! Finally gutting the kitchen. I will be sharing our step-by-step remodel once we get far enough along, but in the midst of the disarray I make myself little vignettes; hopeful inspiration of things to come.


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