Thursday, July 30, 2009


I wanted to pop in and say hello to eveyone. How are you doing? I know the weather is very odd this summer, isn't it? It hasn't bothered me one way or the other because I have mostly been glued to the studio. We just turned in the final corrections to the strike 0ffs for my 3rd fabric collection, called Woodland Delight. Hows that for the weakest of sneak peaks above? Sorry about that, but for some reason I have the tiniest swatches and if I got in much closer it wouldn't be a sneak peak, now would it? You'll just have to wait. I turned this collection in last February, and it is just now getting finalized, so I've been waiting much longer than you will. This line will show a more carefree, playful side to my designs. I like to mix it up sometimes, you know.
What a lovely surprise to find my Summer Soiree was being featured yesterday on one of my favorite sites, print & pattern. Go check it out here. I LOVE print & pattern so it's quite an honor to be featured twice now.
A few minutes ago I also got news that True Up has just posted this interview they did with me recently. It's hot off the press, so go check it out here. I really enjoyed doing this one for some reason; just had more fun with it, I guess.
I am in the midst of some projects, one of which is patternmaking. Yikes. What a long, arduous process. I'm very excited about a couple first tries, but I have quite aways to go before you see sneak peeks on these, geez.
Finally, I told you I had a bit of an announcement last week. I still do, but now that is being put off another week. Welcome to my world. Hurry up and wait.
Drop in to say hello. Gets kinda lonely being glued to the studio.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I kept getting emails and Twitter messages that an apron made from my Papillon fabric from Flights of Fancy was on Army Wives. So this morning I got on the Army Wives website and there it was. Wonder where the apron came from? I kinda think the only thing that could make it look even better is if there was an XXLL label right on the front that said PAULA PRASS. I'm just sayin...

It's really not uncommon for us to find my artwork, picture frames, even rooms I've designed in magazines, books and catalogs. Just yesterday saw my picture frames on the Atlanta Gift Mart application form. The biggest accidental find was a room I designed ended up in this book. Imagine standing in a bookstore flipping through and finding your own designs. No mention of the designer.

Here's the room, which was also on the front cover of this BH&G Window & Wall magazine and you can see all the Before and After's on this previous post.

I did have a bit of an announcement, but it will have to wait for now, sorry. Nothing that I can't put off for another post. Just wanted to share my Papillon goodness with you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is the second post today, but this has been such a big project for us I had to share the results. Once we hit the save button at 5 p.m., I was wanting to do cartwheels (in my head only, don't worry!) while Jennifer wanted to take something for a headache. I did the sewing (except for the adorable jumper from Simone of Gardenhouse); Jennifer did the photography; Tim was the stage hand and the models added that party atmosphere. Seems we are in a never-ending learning curve, but isn't that life? If this puts you in the party mood, go over to Michael Miller Fabrics to enjoy all the options for creating your own soiree. I'd love to hear what you think!
If two posts in one day and an interview isn't enough, I have yet another post for tomorrow. Please stay tuned for more news?

Monday, July 13, 2009


We finally were able to do our long overdue Summer Soiree photo shoot. Of course, we brought along our models. Thought I'd share some of the fun with you. Wyatt is becoming a natural, while Amelia...well, not so much. She still has to be chased down, bribed and threatened. Ah, but one shot like this one is worth it (at least for the photographer/mom).

Wyatt just strikes one pose after another and is so stinkin serious about his job. By any chance, does Ralph Lauren read my blog?

I know the lighting isn't the best, but Mia IS smiling and has not crossed her eyes and stretched her mouth from ear to ear, so we're saving this one.

And here is one of many shots of her hiding from us. Isn't she "sweet"?

Off into the sunset, pizza and dessert.

The Summer Soiree photo shoot will be revealed very, very soon, once we've properly tweaked.
Speaking of food; our friend Missy Severson of Sweet Funky Vintage came with her family last week for a quick visit. Jennifer and I met them for dinner at a place right beside the Monon Trail so Chris could chase their 3 girls around outside while us girls got all caught up. And no, we didn't coordinate outfits.
JoAnn Connolly of The Sewing Examiner recently interviewed me. She really asked some interesting questions, so if you're interested on some behind the scenes scoop (and I hope you are) go check it out. Let me know how I did, will you?
Okay, back to editing more Summer Soiree photos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


That is exactly what we have given each other. When I came up with this giveaway, I really had doubts that you would take the time to write out a whole story, especially if it, well, exposed some embarrassing moments. Oh was I wrong. You have had no trouble bearing your souls (and other body parts) for a chance to win. If you haven't read them all, I encourage you to take an instant vacation. Thank you so much, my friends. We all know each other a little bit better now, don't we? You made me tell 4 stories so you are getting to know me quite well.

The #1 winner: Infarrantly Creative. I actually got a few emails from people saying they peed their pants when they read this one. I'm hear to testify...I laughed so hard I cried (and peed) Contact me for your Summer Soiree giveaway.

The #2 winner: Mollie. Your mom is hilarious. Maybe you can make her something with the laminate for what you all put her through.

Another Summer Soiree Giveaway

My new fabrics are hitting the stores. And guess what? There's another giveaway for Summer Soiree fabrics over at Sew Love Fabrics. And you don't have to work nearly as hard as I made you. 12 one half yards of my Summer Soiree. Go check it out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Summer Soiree Gift Box
Reminder: There's only a few hours left to enter the Summer Soiree Giveaway.
What's your favorite story?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I sure wish I could check in more often. Especially because there is usually so much to share when I finally get around to it, that I don't know where to begin. Okay, I'll just dive in and start rambling, if you don't mind. Just take a look at this first image before moving on.

First of all, a big, huge thank you for all the emails and posts filled with encouraging words about my new Summer Soiree fabrics for Michael Miller. I am so excited to say, word has it (actually a Twitter from Michael Miller Fabrics that I happened to see) that my SS fabrics are ready to ship. Do I hear a YEAH!? I desperately need some myself. I have had a photo shoot planned and am tapping my fingers and toes and watching for the UPS truck. Don't you know the project and colorway I planned for the shoot are the very fabrics I didn't have enough of?

So, in the meantime Jennifer and I have been practicing our very weak photography skills. We both would LOVE to take a class, but realize it would need to be between 2 and 4 a.m. I have been asked to provide a head shot of myself for a couple upcoming projects. Interestingly, EVERY photo of me has Jennifer in it and our heads are touching; almost attached. Seriously, we even have one we named Heads Together, but all of them should have the same title. This phenomenon apparently has gone on for many years. I used to say we were joined at the hip, but all along it was the head. Maybe when I'm bored and need something to do (yea, right), I'll show you what I mean.

So, here is our attempt at trying to take a photo of me alone. It was in the upper 90's and humidity was 107, so I heard. No one had to tell me, though. My hair and the sweat were screaming. We also tried hard to take one without the sun, but every time Jennifer went to shoot, the sun popped out from behind a cloud. I went inside twice to calm the frizz. We intended to have some pillows and fabrics squeezed in there, too, but this is my close-up. Guess I could have reclined with the pillows, but that wasn't happening. It cracks me up; this sexy pose. But I was over it. I was hungry and cranky (kinda like when we try to take pics of Amelia). Thanks to the miracles of Photoshop this is all anyone will get from me for awhile. Or is it? Any thoughts?

So, since I had makeup on and was dressed decent, I decided to reward the photographer by taking her to a new restaurant close by. It's called Petite Chou and it's my new favorite place to eat. We took a couple photos just to give you a feel. Oh, and believe it or not, our friend was there and took a picture of Jennifer and I. Imagine that. Our heads are attached! I think we might need counseling; I'm not sure.

It was mid afternoon on a very hot day, so it wasn't busy and the manager didn't mind these weird gals snapping shots. He said the maps are actually painted onto the wall by hand. Right now I'm really liking grays with black and white. Oh, and the food is wonderful! If you're in town you should try it.

I haven't mentioned this giveaway recently, but this is a good time to bring it to your attention again. A few months ago I donated fabric to Dana of Old Red Barn Co. for a quilt along. I went over there this morning to see how things are coming along. The quilt is complete and this is where, even if you weren't in this from the beginning, there is a Janome 6600 sewing machine at stake here! You should go over there and sign up for a chance at this huge prize. Her tutorial is invaluable, especially if you are new to quilting. I know Dana has been busy and I've fallen off her radar screen, so tell her I said hello. Here are some pics I found over there of the finished quilt out of my Flights of Fancy. It's an awesome website filled with eye candy.

Now remember that first picture at the top of this post? Hope so. In celebration of my Summer Soiree release, how about a
PRIZE #1 3 half yard pieces of fabric from the Miami colorway (pinks and oranges) and a fabric belt mixed with fabrics from both Summer Soiree and Flights of Fancy.

PRIZE #2 1 yard each of my 2 new Laminate Cotton fabrics. (In the center is a trench coat made from this new laminate by Kay Whitt using her Sophia Trench Coat Pattern).

Now what must a person do to enter this Giveaway, you ask? I actually have thought about this long and hard. I'm thinking I want to hear some stories about Summer (Summer Soiree) and something about water (laminate). One of my favorite things when a group of us get together is to have us tell on ourselves. I usually have 5 hilariously embarrassing summer stories for everyone elses 1 or 2. These usually involve swimsuit malfunctions and swimming pools. When a group of us gals were hanging out in our hotel room, my Jennifer was more than willing to share some of those. Surely you all have at least one funny story involving summer or water, or geez, we'll listen to any funny story, won't we? As long as we tell it tastefully, I will promise to share one story of my own for every, hmmm, say 20 of yours. Then we will vote on 2 of the funniest in a week from now. That should give you enough time to slip and fall (is that ever really funny?) over the 4th of July weekend. Let's have some fun.
*NOTICE: This Giveaway is over. Winners are posted here. Thanks.


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