Thursday, June 18, 2009


25 off June 2009
I admit it, that wasn't a very clever Blog title. Just not feeling clever. It's yet another dark and dreary morning with the potential for serious storms on the way. I had an outdoor photo shoot planned. Oh well. There's always plenty to do (before the power goes out, that is). Like telling you about this Summer Sale we are having over at both Paula Prass and mimi's collection websites. Go check it out. I love lining the 3x3 frames in 3's or 5's across, or do 4 squares, etc. Stock up on those and grab some notecards or single cards while you're there. The silhouette's that we added in the sale ad below are not included. You probably know that, but I have to say it anyway.

And how about I show you this beautiful quilt that I found, quite by accident. I was doing a little blog and Twitter surfing when I came across this quilt made with mostly Flights of Fancy fabrics. Seriously, even if it weren't my fabric I'd still have had the same reaction! LOVE. Turns out it was at Quilt Market and I missed it. It's a quilt pattern from Anka's Treasures Simple Sixties. I was enjoying Heather's Trends and Traditions blog and as I scrolled down for an instant I thought something looked very familiar. My quilt, well, not REALLY mine, is called Beach Balls. Just wanted to share such a cheery thing on my dismal day.

Thankfully, I got this much posted, but better not push it. The house is rattling. Bye!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I continue to practice claiming my life back by not working 24/7. I think it's starting to take hold. I actually found myself thinking about my own familyroom this weekend. The ottoman is back from Market and I traded it out for the glass coffee table that has been in front of the sofa. Then as I stood back, I dreamed of a white sofa (yeah, I know...a glutton for punishment). My sofa is a more practical rasberry color, but I love the punch of the white. Then I ran upstairs and came back with a white quilt from the guestroom. Wow, what a difference, don't you think? My walls are already a maize yellow and I'm really liking this combo. This got me a bit excited! Hmm, yup, I'm thinkin...

On Friday, I was in the middle of working on something, so Tim offered to heat up the leftovers from the night before. Next thing I know, Tim slips this plate in front of me and says, "Here's your Happy Meal"......

And we didn't even have the grandkids here! What a nut. Okay, if you can't tell, that's grilled salmon and asparagus with couscous and a green olive on a lovely paper plate. I love leftovers. So easy! And so fun when Tim is in charge, right?

So, Saturday Tim and I went on a 12 mile bike ride. It was a perfect day and NOT raining. It was Tim's idea, of course. Sad to say, I don't naturally think of getting outside for fun. Here in Indianapolis and north of Indy we have the Monon Trail. It is now almost 18 miles long and such a perfect way to bike, skateboard, rollerblade, walk, jog, even cross country ski, weather permitting. It used to be an old railroad bed, but every year it is being extended by asphault from downtown Indy up north through Carmel (yeah) and recently extending into Westfield, IN. There are gorgeous tree covered paths leading into quaint shopping and eating areas. The smell of honeysuckle and sounds of birds singing in the breeze was such a treat. We road down to Broad Ripple, had lunch at one of the many outdoor eateries, visited some shops and headed back. We even stopped by the Indianapolis Art Center, another must see. Enough's a bit of what we enjoyed:


I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Proved to myself that there is life away from the computer/studio on a Saturday. What do you do when you're not working? I'm gonna try more of this kinda thing soon. And if you are in these neck of the woods, the Monon is mucher better in person!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, what's a gal to do now that we are only selling retail on Paula Prass and mimi's collection. We are still finishing some promised orders, but I do see more time to do some things previously yard work! We have been weeding, planting lots of flowers, weeding, transplanting and more weeding, whew. Did get help one day from my Little Miss Amelia.

Between lots of yardwork and keeping the grandkids for several days I managed to hurt my back. Ended up down and a bit drugged out for a few days (fortunately AFTER the kids were gone). Feeling much better now, thank you!

So while I was resting (and drooling, sorry!) I hopped on my Flights of Fancy Flickr group and found many more lovelies. Thought I'd share a few here:

Delightful clothing by Sweet Dreams Designs......

Another gorgeous handbag by Gardenhouse.....

A delightful peasant dress by Travelin Light Designs.......

And a Springtime jumper by iveyc95.......

This quilt is just one piece from a whole bedding set by s. saunders (so much more here).......

On another note, Kay Whitt sent me a couple better photos of things she made out of my fabrics. First, A closeup of her wonderful trench coat pattern using the new laminated Spring Flights of Fancy for Michael Miller.

Then she made this awesome handbag using my new Summer Soiree in the Manhattan colorway. Go check out all Kay's patterns over at Sew Serendipity.

Speaking of patterns, as a new fabric designer with 2 Quilt Markets under my belt now, I have been amazed at how many people seem at least, if not more interested in the outfits, bedding, pillows and handbags. I'm just sayin I have two fabric collections now, isn't that enough? Apparently not. So, I am actually at the drawing board and planning some upcoming patterns. I actually have had some sketches of clothing, etc. designs for some time, and a handbag that is nearing completion:

So that's what I'm up to. And in between, trying to reclaim my life by enjoying my yard, my family and friends and the Creator of it all! Hope you are doing the same.

Monday, June 1, 2009


While Jennifer and I were downloading this image, without thinking, we ate the still life. Before we realized it we had nothing left but a stack of not-so-pretty pits. No do-over. No trying a different angle. So what started as just a pretty picture depicting Life Is A Bowl of Cherries, turned into a thought provoking blog post.

Yesterday was way more than June 1 around here. It's the day we closed the wholesale portion of our children's and home decor line of accessories. In January we were side swiped with CPSIA's initial regulations smack dab in the middle of Market in Atlanta and LA! The state of the economy already seemed enough of a downer for small businesses, or so I thought. We spent a solid week making phone calls and researching the web; trying to get some understanding for our store owners, sales reps, showrooms and our own confused selves. Every person we talked to had hugely different answers.

Since too many decisions have to be made months in advance, I made a painful call to end it. Sounds so simple, yet it was quite difficult. We have poured 6 years, 7 days and nights a week of our lives into this baby. It was a huge loss and I confess I melted. The most difficult part for me was letting others down and letting people go.

You might remember my rapid departure back in January? Tim had an instant, yet very timely business trip to here, here, here, here and here and announced he was sweeping me away to join him. I walked on the beach, prayed and sorted the madness. I returned to a Stay by the CPSIA, but my decision had been made. Months later, I am embracing the possibility of creating and designing again. And while I have several fun things in the works, you can be assured I will be guarding my time from here on out! In the meantime, while we have postponed the wholesale orders it doesn't change our retail sites, Look for upcoming sales!


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