Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just when you thought you'd seen enough of the Quilt Market...here I come with more. I'm a few days late getting the second installment because, well, just because.

These first two are from the Meet and Greet I posted about last time. This is Charlotte Barnard, Deputy Editor of Country Living Magazine on the left and Jona of Fabritopia I've actually met and chatted with Charlotte a couple other times and emailed Jona before, so I wasn't just running around hugging people. Not that I'm beyond hugging strangers, but it was just so much darn fun to all be together in one place that I was filled with warm fuzzies and hugs for all. I had a lovely chat with Donna Wilder. She was actually instramental in encouraging me quite awhile back to submit fabric designs.

I took a photo of this quilt during the show...I really saw this as an art piece/Geo Wall Art.

Right across the street from the Oba Restaurante were two shops I just had to tell you about. Oblation was irresistible. We made a purchase or two! I took a shot of the storefront as well.

Two doors away is Cielo Home. Incredibly wonderful store filled with home and garden treasures. There were so many lovely shops and restaurants in the Pearl District that we went back several times to shop and dine.

I couldn't be in Portland without finally meeting my web designer in person! Ron and I have spent hours on the phone and emailing for almost a year. He's the huge talent behind the makeover of my Paula Prass and mimi's collection websites. Meeting up with him was one of the highlights of a wonderful trip in every way.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics; me; Sandi Henderson; Patty Young

I came back Sunday eve with my mind full of glorious color, events and people. However, my body has had a different take. Temperatures there in the mid 90's, late nights, early mornings and a three hour time change had me moving slowly yesterday. But I'm back to my perky self and ready to Show and Tell.

On Thursday eve Michael Miller Fabrics and Caroline of JCaroline Creative hosted a 2.0 Meet and Greet at Oba Restaurante. Thanks Kathy and Caroline for a fabulous event!

I was incredibly excited to finally meet my new Michael Miller family. Kathy Miller is a truly wonderful person and I'm honored to work with her. Sweet Sandi Henderson has been so helpful and encouraging to me, I just couldn't help but squeeze her. Patty Young and I both signed on w/ MMF at the same time. She's actually shorter than I am! I know, hard to believe, isn't it? Okay, then here's Caroline Devoy, doing what she does best, making people laugh. If you haven't read her blog and need a good laugh, just click on her name and check it out. Here are some of my favorite designers. Everyone is so kind and fun. Lots of laughter and hugs.Tina Givens booth was impeccable in every way. I'd never met her before and found her to be so engaging. LOVE her style. It was great to catch up w/ Anna Maria and see her colorful, new collections. Amy Butler's booth was beautiful. She is so tall I told her my camera couldn't fit both of us, so she graciously sat down for this photo. It was wonderful to see Heather Bailey again. She's used to having to come down to my level for pics. Love her!Joel Dewberry's booth was so tastefully done. I didn't feel comfortable taking photo's of other designer's booths (that's a no-no in my world), but will tell you I was tempted. Joel has very exquisite taste. And so warm and friendly, as well. Valori Wells has also been incredibly helpful by giving me pattern repeat info when I started on my designs. Busy gal. She was doing double duty in her booth and promoting her newest book. Jennifer Paganelli was another exceptionally delightful person to meet. I wish I'd spent more time with her. I really enjoyed Melissa Averinos, as much, if not more than her yummygoods site.
This new venture is so rewarding. I've never met nicer people, seriously. I can't wait until the next Quilt Market in Houston this October. Book me a ticket! I hope, hope my fabrics will be ready by then!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm heading to Portland, OR for the International Quilt Market today. My husband and I are going early to visit our son, shop and soak it all in. I am more excited about this trip than any vacation I've been on, which even seems odd to me. I guess it's because I will finally meet so many of the people in person that I'm getting to know through blogs, emails and phonecalls. I'll come back with photos galore!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I am realizing just how true "Being Married To Your Business" really is. I have gradually lost touch with the daily upgrades. Fortunately I work with a bunch of much younger, much hipper gals who let me ask dumb questions about life outside my small world. I've actually seen an IPhone and can pronounce Wii properly, but have not seen one yet. I hear that when I get to a nursing home I'll get to play Wii all I want. But lately my life is making huge strides. Let me begin:

For my BD my Jennifer decided to gift me with a CHI flatiron for my naturally chaotic hair. Seriously, if you saw me at a red light in a convertible, I'd be the one with her hair still in whatever position the wind left it. I spent one month in Hawaii on the beach last fall and all the photos of me look like Nick Nolte mugshots! Case in point; see Exhibit A Photo above. I played the "Oh, you shouldn't have", but inside I was feeling more like my in laws when they were gifted with a microwave. They questioned with a sceptical tone, "Why do we need that when we have a stove and pots to heat whatever we need?" Or when we switched from an answering machine to voice mail and they continued to yell, "Pick up the Phone" into the receiver. Change can be like whiplash to us slow movers. So I cautiously said thanks and thought, "Hope she didn't spend much". Three weeks later I went to my stylist and told him my plight. I asked for instruction and a demonstration. Amazed at the transformation, I went to the restroom and swung my hair in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes, totally enthralled that it fell back into place. Will I ever be the same? See Exhibit B for proof.

I'm just getting started. Jennifer informed us last fall that our washer AND dryer (we've had them since dirt was invented) was not energy efficient, I'd never really thought about it. On Christmas eve. morn while I was sitting at the computer in jammies and a cup of coffee... when what should appear, but a delivery truck unexpectedly pulling up our drive. I turned to my husband, who was also looking out the window and I stated, " Those delivery guys are going to be very disappointed when they realize they went up the wrong drive." To this he said, "You better go get some clothes on." A dizzy whirlwind later and I was the proud owner of a shiny white, front loading washer and dryer. Tim made plans to donate our old W/D to a single mom with several kids and her friends came by, picked up and delivered them to her on Christmas eve, as well. You will see a BEFORE + AFTER of my Laundry/Design Space very soon.

Little did I know life would push me even closer to the 21st c. For Mother's Day my husband bought me a Dyson vacuum. Yes Way!! For years we have shared one vacuum for both home and business... lugging the old Hoover up and down, back and forth. So we are like two kids seeing how much crud we can suck up and view in the clear bin. I find myself mesmerized by viewing dirt. If I vacuum the laundry room while doing laundry I can get a double dirt fix! I love this country!

The moral of the story: You're never too old to have straight hair while cleaning.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hey, anyone out there attending the International Quilt Market in Portland and especially the Fabric 2.0 Event? I'd sure love to hear from you before we go. I'm new to this whole fabric thing and so looking forward to meeting everyone.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I got snap happy on my way to pick up my dear friend Nancy the other day. We were headed to the TEA I told you about in my last blog.

Spring has officially Sprung in Indiana! We all begin to come out of the woodwork here in the Midwest right about now. You might find us peeking out to ponder if it's still too soon to plant the pansies, or if our daffodils and tulips will survive an inevitable frost. We peek out; dash back in; like coo coo clocks, until a day such as this one. In just a few short days the trees have gone from stick figures to full green. The grass turned from strawlike to lush green. Everything has come alive! Colors, smells, light....

Spring; Flowers; Friends. It was a snap happy day!

Friday, May 2, 2008


I know, I know. I have so much to Show + Tell. I'm getting emails wanting to see the Sneak Peeks of the fabrics for Michael Miller. We are still working frantically to finalize and figure out just HOW to submit the first batch. Lots of details. But, believe me, Peeks for the Peeps will be forthcoming.

It's been a whirlwind around here. We have 4 printers just in one room and 2 are having color issues. We're not too happy with them. We are also shorthanded and many activities to pull at us. Yesterday I attended a Silver English Tea to raise money for Arts Scholarships in our community. Raced home because I had exactly one hour before I had a dozen people here for a meeting. And apparently the printers had a chat with the coffeemaker while I was out (probably upset that I was attending a TEA) so it refused to work overtime for my guests! Now today I have a guest arriving to spend a few days, so I must cut this short.

However, I wanted to show you some shots Jennifer took at my Wyatt's recent soccer practice. He's 5 and ain't he sweet?


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