Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tim was gone from Friday morning until Tuesday night.  No problem since I planned to use the entire time to sketch, design, paint and do my female version of baching it.  What I ended up doing instead was a bit different.  It stormed almost the entire time.  I have put a serious dent in my stash of half-burned, mismatched holiday candles that I was saving for no good reason.  We recently cleaned out my mother-in-laws house and hauled bags of red, white and green candles to the trash, so I had begun to secretly question my own hoarding of the candles.   O, me of little faith.  

My 15 1/2 year old Lhasa works up a lather over storms, so I juggled candles and a paranoid dog for four long days (and nights).  See, I couldn't even get up to take a pic without him freaking.   We sat on the back porch when possible (where there was a breeze) and I tried to sketch out a design by the light of candles and lightning.  Also spent more time in the SEEK SHELTER basement than I ever wanted to during the worst of it.  I hopped in the car to make a quick run to the grocery store between storms, but the car was dead. Whaa?  Doesn't this sound like the beginning of a movie involving chainsaws?  So thankful that we came out unscathed. 

I leave you with a few pictures of where I just came from and where I really would have preferred spending these last few evenings but wouldn't we all?  Hope you are all safe and sound. xo

Thursday, June 3, 2010


DO NOT FREAK.  While these shootings were drive-by, they were taken with my camera while Tim was driving.

I'm back and am quite refreshed and almost ready to dive into the tons of designs that are either swarming around in my head or have already been put to canvas.  But before I dive too deep I promised to share some of my trip with you and the inspiration I found as we drove up and down the coast.

No better way to describe how these photos were taken...many of the were taken as Tim was driving and I was shooting the camera at just a few "cottages", doors and gates.  If you follow my blog you might remember I have an irrisistable weakness for interesting doors.  Last time photos were mostly in Santa Barbara here, here, here and here.  These were taken mostly in La Jolla and Bird Rock:

We referred to this miniature, impeccably kept home as the Keebler cottage. I was so tempted to knock on the door to see if Mrs. Keebler would  let me take a peek inside.

These are entries that lead to the entries. I bet they don't get many solicitors, ya think?

Here are a few more, but believe me this is just a sampling.

Is this amazing?

(I only wish I could add the coastal breeze, wonderful smells and the warmth of the sun for you.) 


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