Monday, November 14, 2016


Back to the drawing board? Nope, this one is finished. It's raining cats and dogs? You're getting closerEvery cloud has a silver lining? Close, but no cigar. When it rains it pours? Winner Winner.....

You Know What They Say? 16 x16 on wood cradle board

I apologize for being a little punchy. I seem to create quite a few rainy paintings, which is ironic, since rain is so rare in San Diego. I thoroughly enjoyed the layer upon layer of raining color until I could see beyond the paint itself. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I started this, then had to set it aside for some commission pieces and lots of volunteering my time. So it was like spending time with a friend yesterday as I added the finishing touches. This is a 16"x16" acrylic abstract painted on a 1.5 deep birch cradle board. Will be adding this to my website soon. 


Friday, August 5, 2016


Back in December my daughter requested a large abstract painting from me for Christmas. I was still experimenting in abstract so I held High Mass over this project. Once completed, we took the 40"x40" painting off the frame and packed it in a heavy tube. Too large for carry-on I reluctantly checked it in at the airport. When we arrived in Indianapolis at midnight, I held my breath as all the luggage was off the carousel and people cleared tube, no painting. Turns out it never left San Diego. It finally arrived just in time to put it all back together for Christmas morning and her reaction made all the trouble worth it. 

 Above was a temporary location until Jennifer's kitchen remodel was complete. Now here it is in it's permanent spot above this beautiful credenza:

So that was the gift part of the story. Now pay attention all you artists who wonder how you'll ever get noticed. I got an email from a friend of Jennifer's saying her mom absolutely loves that painting and wanted to commission me to make a smaller version for her mom's 60th. Jennifer was fine with that so I just completed this 10"x10" little sister, which I titled "Blow out the Candles".

Her mom never saw my work in person, only images on Facebook or Instagram. And now her daughter is discussing another commission for herself. You just never know who will be watching and one thing can lead to endless possibilities. Just keep on painting and posting! 

Friday, May 20, 2016


Shut. The. Front. Door. has a new friend. They haven't officially met yet, as Shut (for short, right?) is currently hanging in a gallery. Besides, Shut is already spoken for, but I liked where I was headed and wanted to create more like him/her/it. Shut up, I think I accomplished it! Let me introduce you to:

BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS  24x24 mixed media 

Now I'm not guaranteeing I'm totally finished with Bounce Off The Walls. But safe to say I would only add some markings, as I am happy, happy that I accomplished what was in my head and heart. 

Wanna see what they would look like if they got together?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


You must have thought I died. Naaa, I'm very alive over here. Between the extensive home remodels and forcing myself to explore and stretch myself creatively, I've been a busy girl. For me painting is a spiritual experience; what connects me to my Creator. My goal is to find what I was created to create. A journey I feel privileged to experience. So honing, exploring and feeling those deep emotions that go along with the ride are where I've been for many months now. 

Right now I am in the midst of last minute preparations for ArtWalk San Diego which is just a few days away. A huge sigh, which my husband says is my silent scream. Sigh....

That's my abstract painting named "SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR."... what my daughter, Jennifer Storey, said when she first saw it. When a favorite family member has that kind reaction the title comes easy. 

If you are in the San Diego area and planning to attend ArtWalk, I'd sure love for you to pop in and introduce yourself. Remember #945. And lately I've been more frequent on Etsy and Instagram, so please follow me there for my latest creations. 


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