Thursday, May 9, 2013


I feel so powerful.  In my last post I quickly noticed that the stems in this painting were so short they were nonexistent.  So I grew, er, painted stems.  There you have it.  

We have been sorting through a few boxes of old photos and I got in a goofy mood.  I decided to do a little 1950's step back in time study.  All I had in the size I wanted was a high quality canvas.  Unfortunately, it had a very rough surface.  Big mistake for a small detailed piece.  But again, it was a study and next time I'll use a smooth surface, different colors, etc.  I love the lady.  My husband named this Diving Belle, which he thought was hilarious.  He had to show me on wikipedia what a diving bell was.  Okay, he wins, the pics of diving bells are quite funny.  

I have several paintings in various stages of completion, but have been under the weather and on round two of antibiotics from having oral surgery.  Paula doesn't do meds well, so this is about all I have to show you right now.  Trying to get myself in gear here since I have out of town guests coming in a week.  


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