Saturday, July 31, 2010


Wyatt ended up at the ER last eve.  He fell off some play equipment and punctured a hole in his leg.  No images required, you get the idea.  But it's those precious phonecalls between us that I just want to preserve forever.  He was telling me every detail of his first experience with getting stitches, but somewhere in there he interjected that someone he knew had to get her "earnoids" removed.  I was at a dinner party and talking to him on my cell phone and my brain was trying to make sure that's what he really said and find the right word for him cuz I didn't think humans had a bodypart by that name.  All I could think of to replace earnoids was ear lobes and asked him if thats what he meant and he says yes.  Okay, you know I have ADD, right?  I quickly try to figure out why the poor girl had to have her ear lobes removed.  Then I remember way back in high school these two girls getting in a catfight and those big hoop earrings were all the rage.  Again, no images required.  I am still talking but my mind got really fixated on the poor girl Wyatt casually mentioned.  By the time he put Jennifer back on the phone I was just as interested in the lobeless girl as I was about Wyatt's stitches.  "He meant adnoids, mom".  Why am I still laughing? 

We have been trying since Spring to remodel our guest bathroom.  Sometimes Tim and I will have a discussion and what I think as a nice idea he thinks of as a new project needing to happen.  Not like we need another project, but next thing I know he was up there and had already stripped the hideous 1970's Kmart quality wallpaper.  I hurried and took pictures because I started this blog called Show + Tell in 2008 because that's what I intended to do; Show + Tell my various Before and After projects.  So now we're moving into August.  Tim travels extensively and when he does get home there are lots of other things needing immediate attention from my Mini Macgyver.  He just got back last eve from Canada.  Pulls up to the dinner party already in progress and the BMW just starts freaking out electrically.  The alarm was going off, lights flashing, etc. and it just won't start.  We had to leave it there and will be dealing with that this weekend.  Then our home phones are not working and ATT's website is down (calling them is no better as "they are experiencing high volumes of calls", the sprinkler system is broken (90 degrees every day) and the bedroom fan is broken (don't tell Nate or Vern that we have ceiling fans and like them).  Last weekend Mini Macgyver did try to work on the bathroom.  Got so far as the basement to get to the crawl space to turn off the water.  he found we had a water leak from the outdoor faucet which took 2 days to repair.  I know many of you have the same plight with these fixer-uppers and renovation projects. 

So I have actually made a vignette outside the bathroom door to remind myself that someday, somehow it will look better.  And because you are so diligent to follow my projects, of which I don't have any completed to show you, I am going to give you a sneak peek at the before (no puking, please) and the hopeful after.

Notice the lovely country blue, mauve and tan plaid paper I snatched out of the trash for you to see what our guests have been looking at for 11 years? It's actually Tim's bathroom most of the time, so you can imagine how eager he was to remove it.  He is making all new door and drawer fronts and I will be painting them a dark expresso...someday.  So there you have it, one more half finished project brought to you by Paula Prass.  I will keep you posted.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Phonecall from Amelia: 

"Mimi, Wyatt and I were wrestling".


Silence, then in the same excited voice, "Wyatt and I were wrestling".

"Okay, and why is that news?"

"My tooth got knocked out!!"

"Oh my.  Your first tooth.  Did it hurt?  Did you cry?"

"Well, just a little."

"It's okay.  I still can remember when I lost my teeth".

"You do??!!  Were you and Papa wrestling when they got knocked out?"

For the rest of the conversation all I could envision was Tim and I as little kids and him wrestling me to the ground and me coming up toothless and crying.  

No artwork or amazing designs for you today, but a huge accomplishment.   After many months Tim's mom's house is finally on the market!  It looks fantastic, doesn't it?  Well, you didn't see the befores.  Don't even want to dig up the old pics, but everything was green.  Seriously.  Now I love green, but all the walls, woodwork and carpeting were a bit much.  We were thrilled to find wood floors underneath the livingroom carpet.  SCORE!  It's a charming house, circa 1937 in East Lansing and within walking distance to Michigan State U.  Strange to be at this point in life.  So many memories were made there.  Yes, in fact I think that's where Tim and I wrestled as 5 yr olds (okay, just kidding).  However, it is in that livingroom that Tim kissed me for the first time...and then we wrestled...   Okay, my family is going to kill me now.  Bye bye. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


One of the many storms that rolled through and knocked out the electricity also knocked out the air conditioner.  With the temps in the 90's and humidity much higher, instead of hitting the mall like any other normal person, I moved outdoors to paint.  This is my overdue housewarming and birthday gift to Jennifer. 

Other photos of her lovely new home are on her blog

We kept the kiddos recently so Jennifer and hubby could celebrate their anniversary...alone.  As any grandparent will agree, grandparents don't just "keep the kids".  We are a mini holiday.  So this event included a cookout where the kids are the cooks and we are the kitchen help, carving sticks,  making the fire for s'mores and setting up the tent!  Us girlie girls opted for the master suite and let the guys have the tent.  While they made up scary stories til the wee hours, I read Dr. Seuss and Fancy Nancy and gave back rubs til my eyes crossed.  Finally wore that cutie out.  Next day was the usual special breakfast and then to the pool/water park.  By the time Jennifer picked them up she said she was barely on the road and heard both their heads conk on the car windows with mouths hanging open and eyes rolled behind their heads.  That's how we know we did our job. 

Gosh we love those kids.  Absolutely head over heels adore them.  They say things like, "You're the best Mimi ever" and everything I cook is the best they've ever had.  Okay, they might lie a little. 

Give me s'more.

Bathing beauty

Saturday, July 3, 2010


As we head into the 4th of July weekend let me share a treat that is so easy, yet quite the showstopper.  I just made these festive covered strawberries for a 4th of July gathering.  The tables were filled with desserts, but these were the first to disappear.

Strawberries, melted white chocolate and blue sugar.  That's it!  I tried to make some blue sugar using food coloring, but it looked like a pastel bluish-green, so I opted for the ready made version.  I melted the white chocolate in the microwave, dipped the strawberry in about half way, holding the strawberry by the stem.  Let the excess chocolate drip off, then dip the end of the chocolate covered strawberry in some blue sugar.  I placed them on parchment paper to cool before transferring them to a tray.  Voila. 


Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know you figured I must have been blown into oblivion since I have been absent, but I survived all those storms.  Every other spare moment that wasn't spent in the dark was devoted to painting and designing my next lines.  The last storm knocked out the air conditioning during temps in the 90's and humidity much worse.  I moved my studio on the back porch and kept plugging away.  I must say that I am in my element when I have a paintbrush in hand.  Remember the movie "Chariots Of Fire" when Eric Liddell said "When I run I feel God's pleasure"?  Well, that is me when I paint.  Like I'm doing what I was meant to do.  I am never more focused than when I am painting the glorious face of a flower.   

I have more to share from my trip to CA.  While there, I selfishly purposed to squeeze in every ounce of time alone with my beautiful surroundings, my husband and finding inspiration for my upcoming designs.  However, there were two gals I did stop to visit with.  You might know them. 

Kay Ellen   Kay and I met through blogging and our shared love for design.  Kay's blog Kay Ellen Design is exceptional.  She is exceptional.  And last January (09) Kay drove down from Riverside to meet me here in person.  She showed me around the South Beach antique stores that I couldn't wait to visit again.  I was quite excited that she made the trek to meet me again at the same place one year later. 

Missy  As in Missy Severson aka Sweet Funky Vintage.  We first met in Chicago at a Country Living Event in 2008 and continue to connect whenever possible.  Her and the fam came through Indy last year but Tim was, of course, on a business trip.  So Tim and I met her and Mr Hunk, I mean Chris, for dinner and laughter.  We took another opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make while Chris serves our country.

There were others I would have loved to see if there was more time.  Hi Deana (old friend from Indianapolis) and Cynthia (Heavenly Hostess).  Maybe next trip?  

A change of scenery was certainly what was needed to jumpstart my creativity.  Here's a bit more of all I absorbed and you might just see some of these in upcoming designs.  I stuck in the Bird of Paradise just because I can't believe the cartoon-like nature of this flower.  It all just amazes me. 


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