Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, I think this will be the last of my Before and After Decorator Show Houses from a few years ago. It's been good to get organized, but I'm ready to move on to some other projects.

I'm showing you the AFTER image first. Even though this was the Master Bedroom it was indeed a 3rd floor converted attic. Once again...the low ceilings were a challenge. It was necessary to use one color to camouflage the numerous ceiling and wall angles. The colors in the images aren't accurate..instead think of raspberry and lime sherbet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I suspended a chandelier over the bed and hung a small shelf on the wall with a narrow reading light. I designed the headboard and everything else was hand painted and upholstered.

below is a Before, then the After of how I handled an outdated fireplace insert and hole above it for a tv. I covered both of them up. As a designer I can do that, but afterwards, as in this case, I had to remove everything and repaint the walls back to white. Yes, that's tough when it happens, so I had fun while I could. Made a mirrored fireplace front and also covered a side table in glass, giving the room the illusion of having more space. Then I hung a painting over the tv opening. I replaced the old blue carpeting with a cream color, and no, the owners didn't require me replace the old blue. Hmmm. I would've just pulled it up, and used the floor underneath, but there was only a subfloor, so they received very nice new carpeting.

I designed this round rug (below) using the tulips and circles in the fabrics as my inspiration. It cost me more than I wanted to spend, but I did it anyway. I wish you could see a couple more angles of the room and closer details since this room was filled with nooks and cubbies.

Here's a couple closeups of the After window seat area. I was so anal I even painted the little table and in another corner had a draped silk tablecloth in the same wagon wheel pattern with scallops draping on the floor.

It was another difficult room to photograph. I only did one other Show House after this before I decided it was just too costly and time consuming. My customers were being neglected and I was getting quite serious about manufacturing my own line of accessories. I also enjoy a variety of projects and couldn't always show my full abilities in this historical restoration venue.
I am very grateful for the 7 years that I participated in the St. Margaret's Guild Decorator Show House and the benefit this project brings to Wishard Hospital. Hopefully, you have had a glimpse into a small portion of what it takes to get from the Before to After.
I'm also really looking forward to sharing recent projects and sneak peeks into The Person Behind The Blog.


  1. What color are those walls? I would love to paint my room that color.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I did this room for a Decorator Show House, I believe it was in 2002. Can't remember the exact paint used, but it was a wonderful raspberry shade that I probably had custom matched to the fabrics.



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