Monday, May 12, 2008


I am realizing just how true "Being Married To Your Business" really is. I have gradually lost touch with the daily upgrades. Fortunately I work with a bunch of much younger, much hipper gals who let me ask dumb questions about life outside my small world. I've actually seen an IPhone and can pronounce Wii properly, but have not seen one yet. I hear that when I get to a nursing home I'll get to play Wii all I want. But lately my life is making huge strides. Let me begin:

For my BD my Jennifer decided to gift me with a CHI flatiron for my naturally chaotic hair. Seriously, if you saw me at a red light in a convertible, I'd be the one with her hair still in whatever position the wind left it. I spent one month in Hawaii on the beach last fall and all the photos of me look like Nick Nolte mugshots! Case in point; see Exhibit A Photo above. I played the "Oh, you shouldn't have", but inside I was feeling more like my in laws when they were gifted with a microwave. They questioned with a sceptical tone, "Why do we need that when we have a stove and pots to heat whatever we need?" Or when we switched from an answering machine to voice mail and they continued to yell, "Pick up the Phone" into the receiver. Change can be like whiplash to us slow movers. So I cautiously said thanks and thought, "Hope she didn't spend much". Three weeks later I went to my stylist and told him my plight. I asked for instruction and a demonstration. Amazed at the transformation, I went to the restroom and swung my hair in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes, totally enthralled that it fell back into place. Will I ever be the same? See Exhibit B for proof.

I'm just getting started. Jennifer informed us last fall that our washer AND dryer (we've had them since dirt was invented) was not energy efficient, I'd never really thought about it. On Christmas eve. morn while I was sitting at the computer in jammies and a cup of coffee... when what should appear, but a delivery truck unexpectedly pulling up our drive. I turned to my husband, who was also looking out the window and I stated, " Those delivery guys are going to be very disappointed when they realize they went up the wrong drive." To this he said, "You better go get some clothes on." A dizzy whirlwind later and I was the proud owner of a shiny white, front loading washer and dryer. Tim made plans to donate our old W/D to a single mom with several kids and her friends came by, picked up and delivered them to her on Christmas eve, as well. You will see a BEFORE + AFTER of my Laundry/Design Space very soon.

Little did I know life would push me even closer to the 21st c. For Mother's Day my husband bought me a Dyson vacuum. Yes Way!! For years we have shared one vacuum for both home and business... lugging the old Hoover up and down, back and forth. So we are like two kids seeing how much crud we can suck up and view in the clear bin. I find myself mesmerized by viewing dirt. If I vacuum the laundry room while doing laundry I can get a double dirt fix! I love this country!

The moral of the story: You're never too old to have straight hair while cleaning.


  1. Ha! Ha! I love the Nick Nolte mugshot comment. Never underestimate the power of a good flat iron. I have been a convert for a few years and I can get a few days out of a good blowout and flatiron on all my curls.

  2. Hi!

    Love the before and after hair! I can relate to curly vs. straight...the straight iron is the best!
    Sorry I will miss meeting you at the Quilt Show in Portland.

    Have a wonderful trip!


  3. I had to laugh and laugh at this post!
    I am Jennifer's age, and I just discovered a flat iron about a year ago. I swear it is God's gift! All of my girlfriends laughed at me when I told them about my "discovery"! There might have even been a few comments about coming out from under my rock!
    And the dyson! Holy toledo, batman! Totally the coolest thing ever! A friend told me that once you own a dyson you will never own another type of vacuum again. I believe it!
    Last week, we got a wii for the kids. Ha ha! We say it is for the kids! We are having such fun with it! Wait until you try one! Totally fun!
    Hugs to you and Jennifer!

  4. I graduated in 1970 when the only acceptable hair was the long, blond and straight California Girl Look. Orange juice cans and ironing my hair just never got me there. I still think of Back To The Future and if I could go back to High School I would've taken a flat iron and been beautiful and made millions. Dream on Paula!!

  5. Oh my! You are hilarious. That post had me laughing! The Chi has made my thick hair more tolerable as well-you look great!



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