Monday, July 14, 2008



This is a photo of the laundry room that was soon to become ours when we purchased our house. Once I took possession, I kept the door closed. At the first chance I painted over the sponged walls. Unfortunately I didn't have any easy solution for that lovely "brick"vinyl flooring so I still kept the door closed. In the last several months it has become necessary for me to create my own studio away from the hub bub. The business has already taken over the living room and entire basement (and during deadlines...every possible surface of the main level). That's when I decided to combine the laundry room with a design studio. Below is a peek at some elements I used. Both the drawer and swivel chair are from Ikea. The work station I ended up with was actually from Pier 1, but couldn't find an image so took the Pottery Barn image which is very similar. The new Samsung washer and dryer is delightfully quiet and doesn't wiggle & wabble across the room.

The floor was my biggest challenge. After much over-analyzing I decided the easiest solution with the least amount of work were the Flor carpet tiles. I love them.
My last image of my sneak peek is of Woodrow, my trusty assistant, helping install the floor to ceiling inspiration board. He took on way more than he could handle, I'm afraid, and was quite stiff for a few days afterward.

I am adding the finishing touches and will soon reveal the wonderful transformation. I wanted to share the {before} and can't wait until it's far enough along for a big reveal!


  1. Awww... poor Woodrow! He looks exhausted... his mama is a slave driver.

    Love the colors you picked for the carpet tiles... I've always wanted to use those. I also love your furniture picks. Can't wait to see the full reveal!

  2. Can't wait to see the reveal:) I need some inspiration, my studio is in desperate need of a clean and I have my schedule set for Thursday to try and get that done (Ris is in Mexico)..... Maybe seeing what you did will give me the poke I need to get going!

  3. Woodrow rocks!

    Love the Flor tiles color combo. Sweet!



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