Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I apologize for taking off out of town without posting beforehand. There was so much to do and that last week was filled with drama. Then once we got to New York we had a busy schedule and bad internet connection. So, I'm back with photos and stories.
First off, we had a space at the New York Gift Show in the Studio Section, so we took a photo to show you a bit of our set-up. Hard work and late nights. Once the show started Jennifer and I fit in a couple fun things. Here we are in front of Rockefeller Plaza. In the summer the skating rink is transformed into eateries.
Also, had some business at Michael Miller Fabrics a couple of days. Lots of cab rides, which is always an adventure. One particular driver honked and barked at everyone. As I observed, I realized even though his honks sounded the same, they actually had different meanings. I commented to Jennifer that there should be different honk sounds...like a little keyboard w/ symbols. Like a picture of a pedestrian w/ a bullseye, or the finger. As I'm chuckling and wondering if that might be how I make my 1st mil Jennifer reaches for the camera and snaps this Don't Honk sign. Now that tickles my funny bone. Next sign warns not to attach bicycles to the railing. Is it just me, or does anyone find this humorous?

It was great to be in New York and to actually meet some of you for the first time. Had some wonderful chats and made new connections. Now I must say, I really missed you all and am so happy to be in touch again.


  1. Welcome back! It was really nice to meet you at the show, it was the highlight of our day.

  2. Hi Paula!
    Ok I want that top you are wearing in the first photo!Love it:)

    Nice to hear your are home.... and how exciting to see your lovely fabrics at the gift show!

    Blessing to you,


  3. Glad you are back! We have missed you!

  4. I just found your blog and will definitely be coming back! I am an Indy girl myself and I want to support and learn about someone in my hometown!

  5. It sounds like a fun adventure! I've only been in a cab a few times in my life so I would probably be a nervous wreck in New York. I can't wait to see what you're working on next!

  6. Paula!!!!! Your booth is so unbuhleeevably sooo beeeyoootiful! I feel so inspired by your art. I look at it and feel my face break from smiling so hard. I sooooo hope to be there in Houston, and be a part of this completely new experience for you all ... but haven't head a word. Heck. Maybe I will just vacation out there if that's the case. I hope you're not suffering in too much pain. My heart hearts for you hearing of your accident. Please mend well. We need YOOOOOU! (actually, the WORLD does).



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