Thursday, September 4, 2008


While the doctors are very pleased with my progress, I have discouraging moments. Can't do most things without help. Yesterday Jennifer washed my hair, that was a good day. Now today my husband is off to business in Tucson and up to Calgary, Alberta for 9-10 days. Not a good day.

I'll post on some important events recently that Jennifer photographed and since I prefer images with my posts, I'm using some of her pics.

Here's Wyatt's 1st day of kindergarten, while I was in NYC. Jennifer calls this TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. He called me that morning on the way to school and I had a chance to hear his excitement and anticipation. I adore that boy!

Then Wyatt turned 6 last week. I didn't get to go to the Bowling Party, as you can imagine, but heard it was FUN. An orange bowling ball and great friends! What a day to remember. My sweet Amelia (My Mia) is the one with the gum..that's what most of her photos look like. That or forbidden lipstick or candy, but always something cute or sweet.

Then, Jennifer and 2 of her best friends went to Ontario for 4 days over Labor Day and had such a wonderful time. I'll pretend I was there taking the pics instead of here drooling on meds. I've never been to Canada, and it's funny that my daughter just got back and my husband is just going. Based on what I'm seeing I really hope to visit someday. Here's just a few of many awesome images. The girls stayed at Esther's folks and every turn of the head revealed either incredible views of water or vineyards. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY.

Esther, Kelly and Jennifer putting their moves on. Hey, wait. Is this one of those guys acting like a statue looking for tips? Jennifer already knows it, but I'll say it again. She has been blessed with the most awesome friends. I love these gals. They treat Tim and I as family. Gosh, I'm getting all perclempt here. I swear, I'm not on meds, but emotional, none the less.

I want to also blog about the shopping in Ontario because Jennifer brought back a highly post worthy gift with pics of the stores...gorgeous. Hope more than anything that I can soon post my own projects again. I'm leaning on my faith and your prayers to keep me going. Thanks for the encouraging words.


  1. Too bad you can't go along on the trips. :-( Especially here to Tucson! Although, I must say that your poor hubby is coming at a miserable time. Keep your spirits up!

  2. Hey Paula and Jennifer! Paula, hope you are feeling better. Missy and I have to share....we both have that pear wreath on our front doors!
    Liz and Missy

  3. Oh Paula I feel your pain and remember the frustrations!!!
    I went to the beauty shop every week to get my hair done when I had my cast on...kind of $$$ but I was always nicer to live with when I came back home with pretty hair:) lol

    Prayers and thoughts are with you...Typing with one hand I'm sure?!



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