Friday, October 10, 2008


I know it's the weekend, but I seriously tried all day yesterday to squeeze a post in and I just can't wait til Monday. Look what I found over on Jona's blog! A sneak peek at the jumper she made for me out of my Flights of Fancy fabric. She has other photos and close-ups on her blog. I understand that this is a pattern of hers in the works. The first time I saw her post about this scalloped beauty I just flat out asked her to make me one. Isn't it perfection? can't wait to see it in person.

It's been a hub bub of activity around here, but clearly the highlight of the day is when the mail arrives. On Thursday I was at my Physical Therapy appointment (which, by the way, I'm still paying dearly for today). As soon as I walked out of there I was calling the office to see if the mail came. Yup...and there was a box from Traci Butler of Bloom Design Co. Couldn't wait to get back to caress such beauty and hoped to get some pics for you.

So yesterday we bribed Mia (notice her hand behind her back? Yup, candy) and we were able to get two good know how those models are? The first is a kimonoish top and Traci made cute pants that you'll just have to see at Quilt Market, since Mia made some firm decisions about how much she was willing to do before her candy and nap. Second outfit is a peasant top and skirt. And look at the matching headbands. I'm in love with these outfits and you Traci. Thanks so very much. Hey, check out her blog here.


  1. I love this line, can't wait for it to hit my quilt shop!

  2. Everything's looking fantastic, Paula. You sure are gonna have a lot of clothing there... lots more than me and I'm the clothing designer, LOL!!!! Did you get my voice mail??


  3. What a darling little dress!!! Love the fabric combination and the scalloped edge. Great job!

  4. How cute is she?? Thank you for all your sweet words! I'm in love with you too! :) I can't wait to meet you in Houston!!


  5. Seeing all these creations from your fabric is making me soooo impatient for it to hit the shops. I know my DD will love the butterfly and bird fabric so I am definitely getting those.

  6. OOHH The last outfit is to die for!! Love them all but the last one is my favorite!

  7. How sweet! It all looks great :)

  8. Absolutely loving all these great outfits!

  9. Hi Paula,

    Your fabric is glorious! I'm definitely going to have to design something special with it. Are you going to have a booth at Market? Lizzy and I are so looking forward to saying hello in person.

    Take care,


  10. Thanks to all of your encouraging comments. I have more where that came from and hope to share it soon!!

  11. How gorgeous, Paula....glad your arm is healing well.
    So sorry!
    Good luck at Market!
    Can't wait to get sewing with these gorgeous fabrics, for my girlies!



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