Thursday, October 16, 2008


My absolute favorite children's photographer is Loree Alayne and she just gave us a tiny sneak peek of some shots she recently took of these gorgeous children...just happens to be MY grandkids! She has just done the photo shoot for my debut line of fabrics Flights Of Fancy for Michael Miller. Oh if they turn out half as good as these few I will be thrilled. Go check out her site for some incredible inspiration.
Our crate for Houston leaves today. Whew, we've been pulling some late nights around here. I still have some projects to complete. My arm is doing better every day!!! I'm sewing!!! I will be able to hug everyone at Market for sure now.
NOTE: I truly hope you extend me the grace needed; as I am truly the most ridiculously proud grandarent. Never would have gotten away with this with my own kids, but just can't help myself now. When Wyatt was born I asked a nurse, "Is he not the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?" She said, "He's adorable" and I said, "No, really". I behaved much better with Mia.


  1. My FIL has a bumper sticker on his truck: "If I'd known how great grandkids were, I would have had them first." :) The pics are just lovely and the kids look like models!

    Great news about the arm! Glad you are feeling better and able to do more of the things you'd like.

  2. Nice to hear you are feeling better:)
    Your grandchildren are adorable!!!

    Take Care,

  3. yes they are very good lookin kids! how lucky to have a grandparent like you! I love the shots!

  4. I think you are justified in thinking these wee ones are gorgeous- just look at them!

  5. Beautiful! How you have fun at the market!



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