Monday, November 24, 2008



Aren't they so cute? Losing that first tooth is a major event, isn't it? Even better when shared with good friends. Which brings me to a burning question. How come the Tooth Fairy doesn't have a set price per tooth? I'm just curious, and surely I can't be the only one. What is the going rate these days? I'm hearing anywhere from $2-$20. You heard me.

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy, what has happened to Thrift Shops? Not so thrifty where I live, but my friend Caroline over at JCaroline Creative flaunts her thrift bargains here (her $3 chair that had $1.40 in change under the cushion) or here ($15 Queen Anne sofa)... So yesterday afternoon I tried 2 different Goodwill stores nearby hoping for a great deal to maybe use with my new fabrics. I immediately spotted an armless chair that would have made Caroline drool. $60. Yup, I know. It was in good condition, but still! Instead I walked away with these 2 cups and saucers for $2.00 total. I needed them like a hole in the head (eww!) but I loved the pattern and didn't want to leave empty handed (or broke if I had bought that cute chair).

Now onto why I've been a Tardy blogger. In my own defense, I was shocked to realize I haven't blogged at all this month. Reason, you ask? I have a rather good one, actually. No I didn't break another arm, thank goodness. I am designing away on my next fabric collection. How's that for a good excuse? I do many of my drawings and artwork from scratch and am learning to redraw on my fairly new Wacom that I got before I broke my arm. We are also learning to use a Mac. So time sure flies by when you're buried in designs. I do so miss blogging and hearing from you all, so I have an idea on how to get us all back together again.


So keep your eyes and ears on the lookout. I am so thankful to all of you. You'll see.

Also, people have been emailing and asking when my fabrics will be available. Will you please let me know of any Flights of Fancy fabric sightings? I know a store right here in Carmel IN, Quilt Quarters has received the whole line (41 bolts!).
JCaroline Creative says she just received my fabrics today and they should be up on her site soon.
Fabric Supplies has a few up right now.
I hear there are more, so please keep me posted so I can post it, ha, ha. Okay, I'm headed back to the drawing board, and planning my GIVEAWAY. xoxoxo


  1. I know the town and the part of town that J. Caroline shops the part of town she shops in, people actually go their for their furniture, not to recover it and make it cute. So it has to be cheap.

  2. Now that's very valuable information, Tara. I am not in the same catagory, but the county I live in is the wealthiest in the state of Indiana. I've been wondering if different thrift shops outside of my county priced items differently according to their clientele. Very interesting. Thanks for the tidbit.

  3. I find my best thrift store shopping is in Butte, Montana. Of course, I live in Salt Lake City, so the trips there are very few and very far between.

    I need to take a upholstry class from J Caroline. That sofa looks marvelous!

  4. The tooth fairy only brings a dollar at our house! So far she's brought a golden dollar, a silver dollar, 19 dimes, and a dollar bill. She's quickly running out of creative ways to do the dollar--but she's waaaaaay too cheap to do more. Besides at $1 a tooth x 20 teeth x 2 kids...

  5. Quick sighting! Tennessee Quilts has your line up---didn't count but it looked close. I'm a big fan of jcaroline creative so I think I'll wait for her to post before I order.

    Congratulations on your fabric line. I'm intending to decorate our guest suite (large bed, window seat and small bath) using this line.


  6. I was wondering what you were up too! Glad you are feeling well and moving forward :) my tooth fairy only gives $1 - fyi. Have a good night!`

  7. good to see you on here again, I've been checking!

    have fun designing! I can't wait to see more from you!

    Great finds by the way! i have been falling in love with teacups and saucers lately! i am so jealous!

  8. Our tooth fairy has always been a bit slow. She doesn't always come the first night the tooth is put out, or the second, or the third. She has a hard time locating our house. When she finally remembers where we live she leaves $1 per tooth. The tooth fairy also leaves one dollar at the neighbors house, but she leaves one dollar coins that the children cherish, and aren't as eagar to spend. The tooth fairy also has an easier time finding their house. I guess I should trim those bushes out front!

    Good luck with your next line of fabric. I am looking forward to seeing the current line in stores!

  9. $20 from the tooth fairy?! I am too old fashioned for that sort of payout. I usually do a buck or two but I usually try to do it with fun money like big old silver dollars or two dollar bills and other things they don't see a lot of. He did get a fiver once for the first big front tooth that fell out because it was 12:00 a.m. and it was all I had in my wallet! I can't wait to see all your prints in my local fabric store!

  10. Guess what? The tooth fairy came to our house for the very first time last night! She left a trail of gold dust from the window to the bed and left 2 $1 gold coins. My daughter was so excited that it had her brothers name on it (John) and the statue of liberty. I hear that she gets two coins for the very first tooth and then $1 for each additional. I also hear that sometimes she leaves special coins from other countries!! What fun! She has a friend who got $20 and 16 Webkins for her first tooth, I'd really like to know how that fit in her tooth fairy pillow!!!!
    Love your line of fabric, mine should be in the mail as I type!!!

  11. I was just telling Joey that it makes no sense to shop at thrift store right now with all the retail stores going out of business. Goodwill is actually more expensive than some of the close-outs around here.

    Our tooth fairy brings one dollar. But I did bribe my son with a bonus if he'd remove the gnarly tooth that had been dangling for a month (so he was happy to get 2 bucks). We have too many kids with too many teeth to give 20 dollars per tooth.

  12. My next computer will be a Mac so I know how it is trying to learn on one. Although my hubby has one but I don't use it.

    I can't wait to see the new designs. I so loved the last one!!

  13. Oh, I feel a fabric fieldtrip coming on!

  14. Hi Paula!

    Just stopped by to say hi!!! and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family:)
    Darling toothless kids!!!!

    Blessing to you,


  15. Hi Paula,

    My shipment of your fabrics just arrived today and I LOVE THEM! By far, they are my favorite new fabrics coming out this season. It is great to here that you are designing a new collection!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS--the tooth fairy is still old fashioned at our house only brings one dollar! We tell the kids that these are recessionary times! ;)

  16. Oh my $20 for a tooth!! My three are still getting teeth - not losing them but our tooth fairy will be nowhere near that generous/rich!

    Your fabric range is gorgeous - I've just added a bunch to my Christmas list - the thought of a new range is so exciting!

  17. $20 for one tooth!!! oh my!

    aubrey just lost her first tooth about a month ago and her fairy left $1 and the envelope was full of fairy dust! she is more excited to know that her fairy is purple then how much she paid for the tooth! only problem with fairy dust....that darn fairy wasn't too neat that night....seems she left purple fairy dust all over the house!




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