Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Business first. Here's another experimental quilt square. Oops, what's that? Oh I must have accidentally used the salvage. Waste not; want not, right.

Okay, now I'm still laughing about this. I had a meeting this morning, and overslept. So I'm running around half awake thinking of all I need to do before I can leave. I remember I'll have to take the dog out. We had another snowfall yesterday and it was frigid cold, so I'll have to put his boots on. He absolutely thinks he's being tortured and involuntarily walks backwards in them. My guess is he's trying to walk out of them. So that will take longer. Then I realize Tim is out of town and I don't think I can get down our driveway. I call Jennifer and she agrees I probably shouldn't try it. She was on her way in and says she was going to try to figure out how to use the snowblower. I'm like, "Whaaaat? Do I have the wrong number?" Only our immediate family knows how funny this is.

So sure enough, she gets here and pulls out the snowblower. We stood and stared at it, then circled around it, poking and prodding. She was able to get it started, but it was so hard to move that I got behind her and pushed her. We were laughing so hard. Then figured out we were doing nothing more than shoveling with a heavy machine, and I wondered why snow wasn't blowing from the snowblower. Played some more, then cheered and laughed as she got it working. I then realized Tim or Joe would not believe this. I ran and got the camera. I risked my life to get a close-up shot to prove it was really Jennifer under that hood. Needless to say, I didn't make it to my meeting, but had an unforgettable morning.


  1. OH MY GOSH! This is hilarious, girls! I can totally see the 2 of you trying to figure this thing out! hahaha And I'm laughing WITH you not AT you because there's no way I would've even attempted that. I probably would've called a neighbor (or just stayed in until Jon got back... that's more like me!)


  2. Hi there,

    I caught a glimpse of your laundry room on google images and almost fell off my chair! You are an amazing designer. I would kill for a quiet space like this in my home to do laundry and be creative. Thanks for the inspiration, I mentioned you and your blog on my blog today.

    Take Care,

  3. Ok, so that had me laughing too - but I thought you were going to say you realized you were pushing the lawn mower & not the snow blower! That's what I would have likely done! ha ha

  4. love this block, the bird in the center is perfect...hey this is one you can frame and hang in your sewing room.
    Love that you included the selvage in your block! I usually use the selvages in my labels to show which fabrics I used...unless of course it is one of my scrappy quilts !!!!!
    If there is a favorite fabric that selvage gets used in the label!

  5. Hi Paula, Thanks for visiting laissezfaire and leaving such a sweet comment. Am honoured to have you drop by...I am such a fan of your work! xoox

  6. I'm totally cracking up! The pictures are hysterical. I can totally imagine the two of you trying to push that snowblower and it not moving since y'all are such little bitty thangs.

  7. Look what someone created from your gorgeous fabrics!



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