Friday, May 8, 2009


IMPORTANT NOTE: Paula holds visuals in a much higher priority than words. If in this post you come across words, they are only value added. and only be used to enhance the visual.
MODEL: Jennifer Storey JEWELRY: Stella+Dot Happy Necklace and a HANDBAG: made by Simone of Gardenhouse using the new Summer Soiree fabric, vintage brooch and ribbon. Droll anyone?

It's hard to believe that it was a mere 7 months ago when I debuted Flights Of Fancy fabrics for Michael Miller. So many wonderful recorded memories, fabulous people and continued friendships. Now my crate for the upcoming Market is closed up and on it's way. I'm still working last minute and will hopefully have time to clean up my debris before heading for Pittsburgh. If you aren't going to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh (Let me know if you are!), we'll take good photos there and a much better reveal of the whole line once we return.

I have so admired Simone's handbags and clothes for some time, but when I got the first batch of goodies she's whipping up in Summer Soiree I literally teared up. Her workmanship is impeccable and so is her ability to mix it up. All her bags have vintage brooches, ribbons and a unique combination that is to die for. I ran a couple errands using one of the bags and got serious compliments. People coming to my studio are drooling over them ( I know, they clean up nicely though). She is also test sewing a bag that my husband helped me design...stay tuned for that one. All I'll show you for now is the handbag above and this adorable jumper modelled by my Miss Amelia.

Here's a pillow I'm working on. I love french chairs and am having quite a bit of fun making some collage pillows and artwork for the show.
Then I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when Kay Whitt sent me a couple quick pics of some things she's taking to Market. This is her Sophie Trench Coat pattern using my newly laminated Par Avion and Rain Dot in the Spring colorway. Whoa. Thank you Kay! I'll have to check on when the laminate will be up on the MMF site, but it is available. She told me it was great to work with. Yeah!! I can't wait to see that and another goodie she made with my new fabric.

Hope this has been enough to get you to wander over to my booth during Quilt Market. Lots more to see and learn about an amazing upcoming humungous giveaway. Yes, you heard me right. It'll knock your socks off. Okay, I know, you're probably not wearing socks. Just trust me.

BOOTH #2518 (within Michael Miller Fabrics area)
Schoohouse: 12:15 PM – 12:45 Room # 305
Lastly, you've got to go check out my Jennifer's blog. Whhaaa? Remember I was on the front of the March Carmel Magazine? Well, the crew took one look at my fashionable daughter and next thing I know she's on the cover of April's Hendricks Magazine. I gave her strict instructions to run if the photographer wanted to shoot UP at her. Well, she took mom's advise. Whatcha think? Much better material to start with and much better results.
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Sooooooo cute, Paula! That chair applique is incredible! See ya next week!

  2. Paula! YUMMY! Can't wait to whip something up with these!

  3. I love the raincoat. So cute. (Did you mean drool or droll about the handbag?)

  4. Yay!! Everything is beautiful!! I can't wait to see you and Jennifer in Pittsburgh this week!

  5. Oh my goodness, Paula! Everything is GORGEOUS! I love Simone's work too. Something so dead-on perfect about it!

  6. I am more than excited to get to go to market next week and see your fabric in person!! Whew-hew!!

    ps. I checked out your daughters site. She's got great legs :)

  7. Great stuff!!! Beautiful colors. YUMMY!

    Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a lovely day with your family.


  8. Looooooove! I can't wait to see it -- and y'all!! -- in person. Just a couple more days!!

  9. Have fun in Pittsburgh!

    Can't wait for the giveaway.

  10. HOLY COW! Gorgeous gorgeous goodies, Miss Paula. Simone is one talented gal and I just adore Jennifer's entire ensemble. And speaking of Jennifer... CONGRATS! What a great honor! Can't wait to see you two in a couple of days. :)


  11. Hi Paula, wish I was going. Maybe I'll get to see you on my summer Indy trip :) Love Simone's work! Also, I am in love with your chair applique. Take Care, Timi

  12. Love it, LOVE IT! That chair collage is just the cutest! Can't wait to see everything!!

  13. I love your chair applique it is gorgeous!

  14. WOW loving that purse - the new line is so stunning - perfect for apparel and purses.

  15. Your fabric is just perfect for the trench coat!



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