Monday, July 13, 2009


We finally were able to do our long overdue Summer Soiree photo shoot. Of course, we brought along our models. Thought I'd share some of the fun with you. Wyatt is becoming a natural, while Amelia...well, not so much. She still has to be chased down, bribed and threatened. Ah, but one shot like this one is worth it (at least for the photographer/mom).

Wyatt just strikes one pose after another and is so stinkin serious about his job. By any chance, does Ralph Lauren read my blog?

I know the lighting isn't the best, but Mia IS smiling and has not crossed her eyes and stretched her mouth from ear to ear, so we're saving this one.

And here is one of many shots of her hiding from us. Isn't she "sweet"?

Off into the sunset, pizza and dessert.

The Summer Soiree photo shoot will be revealed very, very soon, once we've properly tweaked.
Speaking of food; our friend Missy Severson of Sweet Funky Vintage came with her family last week for a quick visit. Jennifer and I met them for dinner at a place right beside the Monon Trail so Chris could chase their 3 girls around outside while us girls got all caught up. And no, we didn't coordinate outfits.
JoAnn Connolly of The Sewing Examiner recently interviewed me. She really asked some interesting questions, so if you're interested on some behind the scenes scoop (and I hope you are) go check it out. Let me know how I did, will you?
Okay, back to editing more Summer Soiree photos.


  1. Yes, you are having FUN!!!
    Love this post:)


  2. Your grandkids are beautiful and the tie is awesome! Great pics and gorgeous fabrics! Congrats on another fabulous collection!

  3. Read the Sewing Examiner article and you did great! Very inspiring.

  4. I love it all! The boys tie, the polka dot cake, but my favorite is the fabric cone! Your a very talented lady, Miss Paula!

    I am cutting into my lime polka dot summer soirée fabric today! Thinking super cute aprons with cupcake applique!

  5. The pictures are wonderful. And the kids are beautiful. Such natural picture takers. And I love your new fabric line.

  6. Those kids are extremely adorable and smart! They know just how to pose here and there. I'm seeing big potentials in them as a model.



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