Monday, August 24, 2009


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours.” Eric Idle

I have been in a real funk lately. While I know some of the reasons why, the last few days were particularly rough. Then it hit me. It is the one year anniversary of me breaking my arm and shoulder while in NY. Once it clicked, the memories came flooding back. It took me awhile to even post about it at the time. I eventually was able to tell a bit about some of the humor, but truth be told, it was a tough time. Something happened right before the accident that was emotionally painful for me, and somehow the two became one as a memory.
While I was in NY to participate in the New York International Gift Show, I had one particular vendor that, how do I put this gently? evil. A bully whose favorite things are intimidation, the F word and having an entourage to help her feel bigger than life. During a previous show she gathered her posse, got up in another gals face and tore into her like one of those Housewives episodes. I started requesting to not be near her booth, but sure enough, it never failed. She considered me a competitor, didn't like me one bit and tried to make my time a living hell. That last NY show was the worst. It was on the heals of that experience that I fell. I think she had a voodoo doll with my name on it. Anyway, one year later, even though my arm is near perfect, the ominous feelings returned.
.Here's the outside of my swollen and bruised arm. Looked much better than the xrays (I'll spare you). I am so glad it's been a year, my arm and shoulder are doing great, and I only do Quilt Shows now. If you know of any fabric vendors that make voodoo dolls on the side, will you let me know?

Now I'm the kind of person that "counteracts" something bad with something good. I like to eat some fruit to counteract any junk food. I know, it's weird. Anyway, I am counteracting that junk story I just told you with some perfectly wonderful eye candy! Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. Now enjoy these while I go eat lots of fruit!!

Another delicious pair of shoes made out of some Summer Soiree by the amazing Mia Joie designer, Jessica. Go see her other latest creations.

Luscious pillow by Nestables.

Scrumptious tote by Daisy Hill Studios

And wrap your eyes around this "comfort food". Made by Julie over at Tattered Threads and Willing Hands for her lucky college bound daughter. What love and a wonderful story behind this quilt. Go say hello.


  1. Grrrr...being evil is just, well, evil. A pox on her house!

    Evildoers aside, I love what folks are doing with your line. It is lovely. I need to plow through my stash before I can replenish, but yours will be #1 on the buy list.

  2. Asiyah, thank you for your comment. I had to look up "pox on her house". I don't wish her evil; don't even want to go there.
    I do find myself praying for her next victim!

  3. So sorry about your arm/shoulder and your brush with the devil last year. The thing I remember about it (from your blog) was all the wonderful people who stepped forward and carried you through. It was inspiring. You were and are totally blessed.

  4. WOW!! So sorry you had to deal with evil. UGH! You are loved by many girlie! Don't let that evil lady and her minions get you down. You have lots of fans.

    Sorry I don't know any fabric vendors that are making voodoo dolls on the side. If I find one, I'll let ya know!

  5. karma karma karma. This is my mantra when I am around people like that. What goes around comes around, and I may not be there to see it but it WILL come around.

    I like sugar with my spice too - so let's just say look at you! Success is the best revenge! (and I can make you a voodoo doll if you really want one LOL).

    drooling over that quilt. Seriously.

  6. Well, that eye candy certainly improved my mood. Hope you feel more cheerful soon!

  7. Ah... I can sort of relate to this scenario. It was about 5 years ago TO THE DAY that I got hit by a car while I was walking in a parking lot. I badly broke my leg and was knocked unconscious for a time. I thank the heavens above for ever waking up! But it also coincided with my no-so-nice divorce, so it was a rough time being taken care of at my mom's for over a month while my 4 yr old son spent the time mainly with my X. Anyway, I'm here to tell you, things get better and time doesn't only heal the breaks and bruises but the smarting of a anxious psyche. I hate confrontations and nastiness of any kind. Here's to a future without them!! Let's eat some fruit now.

  8. You guys are the best. Michelle, that sucks!! I am NOT alone, that's for sure!

  9. I too have had to work with people like that. I always try to console myself with how miserable their life must be, or at least I hope it is. lol Glad you are better. The eye candy is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  10. Oh that stinks. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. :(

    I just blogged the other day about how nice it is when women support each other rather than compete with each other!!

  11. Hey Paula~
    Hope the funk is going, going, going gone! It makes me happy when I look at your fabrics and designs, so I know that's what is truly inside you, no funk, just a fun funky!
    It's tough for very creative people who are so often flying high on that creative energy, not to crash a little now and then. Just refuel.. puppy kisses, good people, hugs & chocolate.

  12. wow. didn't know the fabric world was so feisty! Her bad karma will come back around...
    next time your in NY for that show though, you can ring my buzzer, I live a block away! ;-)

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your mean-spirited competitor. Have you heard this song, taken from Psalm 23:
    "you prepare a table before me,
    in the presence of my enemies,
    you anoint my head with oil,
    and my cup it overflows...
    with love,
    and joy."

    I hope you feel better soon :)

  14. Hi Paula,

    I do hope that today feels sunnier to you. I will keep you in my prayers!

    The items being made from your fabrics are beautiful! Such a sunny and fun collection. My daughter wants a backpack for her Webkinz and I plan to make it using Nosegay in Lime and a couple of coordinates. Let's see how it turns out....:)

  15. Oh my gosh! Thank you for posting it on your blog, I feel so honored! Have a great day and I hope you get to feeling better real soon!!!

  16. Hi!
    Julie Isa, the gal that made the adorable quilt out of your fabric line is my neighbor and dear friend! I just wanted you to know that you couldnt have a better quilter/creative person out there showcasing your designs. She is a wonderful person as well as a wonderful quilter!

    P.s and the quilt was "TO die FOR" her daughter said after she saw it!:)

  17. The eye candy is over the top luscious! Oh, what beauty and talent you have and an inspiration for many!
    As for the evil doer...Well, I'm just thankful God is bigger than a voodoo doll and the monster who throws her weight around. Praying for her is what I'm doing next, thought it's wasn't the first thing that came to mind. Matt.5:44
    You are a blessing for finding beauty in difficult times. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. Grandpa taught me, just recently actually, that evil people are actually cowards in disguise and it's easier than you think to calmly stand up to them. He was right!

  18. wow i am so in love with your fabrics!! it is so gorgeous! now i just wish someone here in south africa sold your fabrics! im dying to sew with it!

  19. Wow, you are really good at putting on your game face. That is the show that I stopped by to meet you. You seemed pretty happy...tired but happy. I am sorry that you had to endure such a negative person and such a painful experience.

    I saw your booth at the Spring Quilt Market. It looked amazing! Congrats.

  20. Why are some people so mean? Makes you wonder doesn't it? I mean to me it seems that they must have had some terrible things in their past to create such venom and bile...Something really bad had to have happened, because normal people just don't act like that. I can see why the annivesary of that event causes "funk" for you. I had a very bad thing happen at work one Valentine's day a few years back, and slowly that memory is fading, but the first few years...dang it was awful...
    Take care my friend!



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