Monday, March 15, 2010


I finally finished the last collage in the series that I started calling Birds and Butterflies.  I've said it before, I'm not good with creative names.  My goal was to get these done and hung before bedtime last eve.  Bigger still was to clean up the mess I made.  I like all of them for different reasons, but this one in particular because that's how I feel and act most days.

I have been more fed up with Blogger than usual lately so I am test driving their newer version.  I like a few things better, but I have a ways to go before I give a thumbs up. 

Hey, I wanted to show you these adorable pillowcase dresses made by Lucy Jane Studio from my Woodcut Garden (From Woodland Delight).

If you have something made using Woodland Delight that you'd like to share or need any inspiration, please check out the Woodland Delight Flickr Group.
Lots of things going on this week with church and family.  My son is having surgery today (in Portland) and Jennifer and Joe are closing on their new (and old) houses today, just for starters.  Oh, Tim and I had our 28th anniversary over the weekend.  But because we've been gone to Michigan with Tim's mom so much, we spent it doing taxes and computer work and cleaning out our closet.  That might not sound exciting, but somehow just the two of us, here together, getting stuff done for ourselves was almost a treat!  


  1. This series is absolutely beautiful. I bet it will brighten and freshen up whatever wall you hang it on.

  2. Paula, your birds and butterflies are awesome!!! Whatever you create is always so cheerful and happy. I was able to find some of your fabric to cover a couple of average office chairs for my studio. They aren't average anymore. Hoping to post pictures on Flickr next week. Thanks for your beautiful designs!!!

  3. Ack! I had a little panic for a second because I haven't even thought about doing taxes! For a second I thought I was too late! Thanks for the reminder. The paintings are so lovely and they look so nice all together. Good luck to your son and your daughter with their big days. Sounds pretty stressful, I hope everything gets a little smoother soon.

  4. those paintings are awesome! any plans to "print" them?

  5. Paula, the collages are wonderful! You did a fantastic job, and I especially love them grouped together like that.

    I hope your son's surgery goes well, and the the closings of both houses go smoothly too. And congratulations on 28 years of marriage!

  6. I think birds and butterflies are perfect! What a darling frock!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  7. Love your collage, is this done with paper?? The little girl dresses are adorable.

  8. Your collges are just beautiful, and I really hope they're heading towards a fabric range? Please?!

  9. Love your collages! They are beautifully individually and even more so as a set!

  10. Gorgeous! Inspiring me to finish up one I've got started.

  11. Wow - what pretty collages! Love all the colorful things you create!

  12. Love this!!
    I am a garden girl so the botanical feel on the fabric is wonderful!!

    Oh what sweet girls dressed up in your fabric..priceless:)

    Kay Ellen



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