Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have sadly had a major problem with Blogger again.  This time I was blocked from Blogger/Blogspot, making it impossible to post or even get on my own blog.  I literally pulled an all-nighter last eve and have been working on this non-stop to find the problem.  I just tried again for the umteenth time and for no obvious reason it is working again.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry ...I'm so tired, maybe both?  A storm is rumbling outside and I hear hale, but the blog is working!!!  I really do enjoy the interaction I have with you all and was frustrated that I couldn't post more often; seriously mean that.  And before I go any further, the comments you left for the apron giveaway are so beyond what I imagined.  I was thinking I'd hear about wishing you took more time to welcome new neighbors or volunteer.  Each entry was an encouragement because I know you are all such giving people.  Cynthia and I have emailed back and forth and the winner is:

I sort of had a birthday.  It was crammed in with Tim's extensive business travels, keeping the grandkids for a few days and a visit with our dear friends Barbi and Dee.   My birthday wasn't ignored, I just kinda postponed it to do other things.  But, alas, it still happened and I now have to recite or write a larger number.  Next year there will be a big fat 0 and we can pay more attention to it then.  By the way, thank you so much to my Twitter and Facebook friends.  What fun to get so many birthday wishes.

Meet Barbi.  She was my matron of honor, we shared laughter, morning sickness, having babies, and everything in between.  It is incredible to think that we are still like family, actually closer than family.  I am truly blessed and loved that she and Dee could squeeze a weekend up from Nashville just to be with us.





Look at this adorable grandchild of ours.  We love her so much you would think we birthed her ourselves.  In fact, it kinda looks like she just popped out from us right here, doesn't it?  Well, this precious little girl, if you might remember, also called me Poopy Face when she was just a miniature version of her current self.  When I turned and replied, "What did you just say?"  Without an ounce of hesitation she replied, "Oh, I meant Sweetie Pie".  Not to be outdone by a two year old, that Christmas some of her gift tags read To: Poopy Face.  I mean Sweetie Pie.  Two can play this game, ya know.  

So, my little darling was here one day as Jennifer and I were trying to get some work done.  Granted it was a very long day, but before I get to the punch line, you must know I am very big on eating healthy, taking naps, snacks and lots of attention to prevent bad behavior.  Yes, so after I was taken care of....when Jennifer and Mia were leaving, my darling little bundle of joy slammed the front door so hard that she bent the hinges and door frame which resulted in the door being JAMBED SHUT.  Tim tried all the powers at his disposal (engineer powers, at that) to no avail,  The only remaining possibility was for him to kick the door in!  I was very concerned about how we would explain that to the police, but our own break-in went unnoticed. 

So here was our front door

And here's the new door.

Thanks, Sweetie Pie.  I love it.  And be careful, this one is glass.    


  1. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful enduring friendship!!!

  2. That is hillarious, but at least you got an awesome door out of it.

    I also hope to have such a strong friendship as yours with friends. That is a rare treat that people share these days.

  3. So Paula, you are human after all! Yeah! and Congrats to Laurel! YEAH! Post pics of you in the apron some day, heehee. Off to check your blog out now. Great friendship! I hope mine keep on keeping on! and great looking door too! Wowzers. Yes you would think your granddaughter was yours... you two look very young! :)


  4. OMG poopy face-- I mean sweetie pie! You always have the best blog posts! Love you sense of humor and story telling ability.
    Hope all lis well.

  5. Loved reading this post. Lifelong friendships are so wonderful and priceless. Your granddaughter is a cutie pie!!

  6. What a great blog entry--your friend of so many years and so many experiences; your family pic; the fabulous front door--

    and I WON THE APRON!!! WOOT!

    Wow; thanks SO much! I've already responded to your email. I am so very grateful to be receiving such a beautiful apron!

  7. Oh, my goodness! I love the "Poppy face, I mean sweety pie"! What a smart and sassy little girl!! As for the door, that really takes the cake! I have yet to witneess something quite that destructive. Note, I said "yet." I put nothing past my kiddos. My best, most current story is that I hung floor-length beautiful curtains by the doors to our back porch. My two "spirited" children, decided to hang from them and bent the iron rod. Iron! It never ends!!

    I have been meaning to email you b/c I have been working on a few shoes from your Woodland Delight line. I haven't taken photos of all of them yet, but you can see shoes of your grey pebble stone here on the Joyfolie FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joyfolie/113211405384039?v=photos#!/album.php?aid=7293&id=113211405384039

    I'll email you the rest when I finish them. Thanks for bringing your lovely fabrics to the world!!

  8. I love a sense of humor and you most definitely have one!!!! Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us sane!

  9. Lovely pictures of your family! And please, send your granddaughter over to shut my door for me, I could use a new one :) That is one awesome door!



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