Wednesday, July 14, 2010


One of the many storms that rolled through and knocked out the electricity also knocked out the air conditioner.  With the temps in the 90's and humidity much higher, instead of hitting the mall like any other normal person, I moved outdoors to paint.  This is my overdue housewarming and birthday gift to Jennifer. 

Other photos of her lovely new home are on her blog

We kept the kiddos recently so Jennifer and hubby could celebrate their anniversary...alone.  As any grandparent will agree, grandparents don't just "keep the kids".  We are a mini holiday.  So this event included a cookout where the kids are the cooks and we are the kitchen help, carving sticks,  making the fire for s'mores and setting up the tent!  Us girlie girls opted for the master suite and let the guys have the tent.  While they made up scary stories til the wee hours, I read Dr. Seuss and Fancy Nancy and gave back rubs til my eyes crossed.  Finally wore that cutie out.  Next day was the usual special breakfast and then to the pool/water park.  By the time Jennifer picked them up she said she was barely on the road and heard both their heads conk on the car windows with mouths hanging open and eyes rolled behind their heads.  That's how we know we did our job. 

Gosh we love those kids.  Absolutely head over heels adore them.  They say things like, "You're the best Mimi ever" and everything I cook is the best they've ever had.  Okay, they might lie a little. 

Give me s'more.

Bathing beauty


  1. Oh Paula, you are just darling! Love your webby! I wish that painting was for me ... I love green!

    Hugs & Stitches,
    Another Jennifer

  2. What a beautiful painting! Hope you are enjoying your summer

  3. beautiful painting and i love that lantern too!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. please drop by mine too when you have some time. maybe we can follow each other. =)




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