Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was working on the computer yesterday with the TV on when I heard a commotion.  I looked up to see six three year olds, sextuplets to be exact, running wild on the set of the Today Show.  Natalie Morales was trying her best to conduct an interview with the parents while the kids were hitting and chasing each other and crying.  I am not here to judge any ones parenting skills, or the fact that the kids might have been eating candy in the Green Room beforehand.  I am only here to say as I watched in amazement I did notice the parents had excellant taste.  I got up closer to the TV to catch a better look at the girls as they darted around and sure enough, their skirts were made with this Nosegay fabric from my Summer Soiree fabric. 

Here is a link if you care to watch six three year old children flipping out in fashion.  Otherwise, you can just trust me.  I just know if I had six kids to get ready to be on TV I would've forgotten to dress a few.

UPDATE: Thursday Today Show showed the sextuplets clip from yesterday. Natalie said the kids had eaten all the donuts in the Green Room before going on air.  I think they must have finished off the pot of coffee, too. Natalie said they've had over a million hits to view the mayhem and it hit the late night comedy circuit too.  But, does anyone know that was my fabric?  What?  It isn't all about me? Whatever.
Speaking of multiples, a couple from our church had quadruplets and we can't let the sextuplets outdo them in the syle catagory, so a few of us gals are getting together to whip up some baby quilts.  I use the words "whip up" loosely, as I don't whip up very well.  I'm more of a "let's hold high mass" over all projects. Quite awhile back I made some Drunk Love quilt squares and me thinks they will make perfect starting points.  I'll let you know how they turn out.


  1. whew, that clip was crazy fun!! so cool to see your fabric whirling, and jumping and running in circles around the set! congrats! :) They probably re-thought the Green Room food after this spot! I bet there's a nice bowl of fruit in there now. lol

  2. Bedlam! Yikes! I'm not sure I could have done much better, though! Must be why God only blessed me with two, 'cuz that's all I could handle!

  3. Those quilt squares are super cute. Do you have a pattern out for that? I love it.

  4. styling Sextuplets no doubt! that is my favorite fabrics of yours ever...
    and the quads will be all wrapped in fabulous too!

  5. I love this print! I just made a lampshade cover for my new/old yellow lamp. :) Actually, my husband picked it out of my stash. It's stunning. I love it!



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