Monday, October 11, 2010


I must say that your comments about my mini quilts have been so heartwarming.  I love that you loved them and that you took the time to tell me so.  Between the comments here, on Twitter and the emails I'm pretty sure I have inspired a few of you.  Just talking about this makes me want to drop what I'm doing and run to the studio.  I already have my next idea and my stacks of scraps are poised and waiting. 

I wanted to take better photos of those Quilts4Quads before we sent them off to their rightful owners.  We had a beautiful weekend here..a perfect Fall day to take some pictures outdoors.  It was a bit difficult to not have the sun dapple onto the quilts, but a little dance here, a little rearranging there and here ya go. 


Almost 2 years ago I started making several of these squares out of my Flights of Fancy.  I blogged about them here and here and accumulated quite a few.  While it was a fun exercise, they just ended up in the Uncertain Future pile waiting for their assignment.  When the Quilts4Quads idea popped in my head, so did all those squares.  So I made piles of scraps; only one pile lacked pinks for the lone boy in the bunch.  Those squares suddenly had a bright future. 

Carole took the aquas and greens and created her first patchwork quilt.

Lisa whipped up hers using some oranges, pinks and aquas. Sweet.

I put together the last two in pinks/greens and pinks/aquas

We got the help of a couple other talented women that quilted and bound all four in record time.  Lois and Linda, you are angels!
I'm so pleased with the results.  For a bunch of busy ladies with hectic schedules I frankly think it's a miracle that we could pull this off.  Completed projects are so rewarding, aren't they?


  1. Beautiful quilts! Flights of Fancy ia still one of my all time favorite lines of fabric! I still have some stown away-I'm almost afraid to use it up! All 3 of my granddaughters have had different dresses from this line so I think I'll probably put the remainder into a quilt so it won't be outgrown!

  2. These are so charming -- individual, yet part of a whole. Wow, just like multiple children! Great job, ladies!!!!

  3. Oh good Lord! Now you're just taunting us! They are fanfreakingtastic and I'm just sitting here waiting for you to start a home dec line. Seriously, you'd give Kelly Whatshername a run for her money!! Love each and every one!


  4. You are all so good to comment.

    Anne profound.

    And Ms. Nouvostitch has me laughing with Kelly Whatshername.

    Love you all.

  5. They are all stunning! I love the colors and the different sizes of "blocks". What a great idea to hang them up photograph them outside....gorgeous day! Have a super week!!!

  6. Those lucky little babies!

    It IS wonderful to finish projects. I have a quilt beside the sewing machine downstairs that is three-quarters quilted...and the baby who is the recipient of it is now two months old! Oops. I had to focus on my other baby, the magazine. Now that the Fall issue is out, I might be able to finish this. Then again, Winter issue is just around the corner...

    Maybe the baby can get it for a first birthday present?!

    Hope you're well, Paula!


  7. Beautiful Paula!!
    love the detail and all the bright cheerful colors!

    Kay Ellen



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