Monday, February 7, 2011


I am so behind on blogging, as you will see.  I have excuses, but who cares, right?  But I come with some pictures as a peace offering.  My new line of picture frames, pillows and mirrors had their debut at a few Demdaco showrooms.  As much as I wanted to I did not make it to the huge Atlanta showroom, but Tim and I drove to Chicago and visited my new line there.  So, as we were approaching the showroom this is what we saw!  Schweet, huh?




Since I didn't get to the Atlanta showroom I only have a couple pics that were taken from someone's cell phone.  It certainly gives me an idea of what I missed, huh?


I am hoping to redo my website soon (easier said than done these days).  When it's complete I'll be offering these goodies for sale.

The weather seems to be a non-stop source of conversation lately, especially here in the Midwest.  The ice storm put a thick, hard layer of ice over several inches of snow and everything else, which pretty much closed everything down around here.  Then this morning we woke up to snow, snow and more snow over the harsh ice.  I realized that I have only been viewing all this "weather" as added work and inconvenience.  I caught myself doing it again today, then looked out my family room window and this was my view.  How can I be so blind to the beauty all around me?

I love the hints of pinkish coral the sky left on the snow.  It's been grey for so long, I almost missed the added color.

Speaking of all pink and beautiful, I didn't blog much during the holidays but just had to show you how cute my little Miss Amelia was for her holiday dance recital.  I must admit we were all quite pleasantly surprised at how well she did during the performance.  She is just way too busy to constantly pay attention, ya know?  We all glanced at each other like, "What? She's been holding out on us?"  


Afterwards we all went out to celebrate.  The restaurant manager came to the table to chat and commented on Amelia's recital (obvious by the outfit).  He asked how she did and her brother Wyatt piped up and said, "We were startled at how good she did!"  Startled?  Wow, that's our new word and we enjoy using it whenever possible.  Love those kids!!!

While I feel badly that I'm not blogging more often are all very understanding and forgiving.  Your wonderful notes continue to warm my heart.  Thanks xo


  1. It must be so much fun to see a gorgeous display of things you designed! Congratulations!!!

  2. Startled?! What a great word!! That made me laugh. Amelia is so beautiful in her ballerina wear!
    I will try to wait patiently for you to get those picture frames up on your site but don't make me wait too long (I have one very empty wall that's been driving me nuts)!

  3. Oh I love the entire collection Paula~~how exciting!
    Love those birdcages too~~~eeekkk!!

    and your grand daughter is so cute in her ballerina outfit!

    Love that comment..Startled!! priceless~~~


  4. Paula, I hope your heart is healing day by day. What fun to see your line in the store! It's gorgeous! Your granddaughter is, too. My ADHD daughter took dance starting at age 4 & we were the same way---SHOCKED that she could actually focus. It was focused movement, though, so maybe that explains it! LOL!

  5. Paula~
    Wow. Your product line looked so amazing in that storefront window! So shiny and bright! That just had to *startle* you to see how impressive everything looked:)
    I loved it~ I am very excited for you!
    My parents told me about the ice storm and as crazy as it could of been, I am glad you found the simple beauty of it all...I love seeing those views when I come to Indiana too. Amelia looked beautiful too in her dance outfit..I love her sparkly. I checked out the Stella dot directors conference on Jennifer's facebook page and it looked like she had an amazing time as well. Things look like they are going very well for her...and that is so wonderful!
    Many blessings as spring begins to emerge...
    all my love, Brooke

  6. I was in Grand Rapids MI last weekend and I believe I saw your product at a cute little shop there? I didn't realize what I was looking at though until I started reading through some of my google reader subscriptions today. I love it!



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