Monday, October 24, 2011


Oh, how I LOVE contemporary art, collages and abstract paintings, yet am intimidated to try it myself.  Abstract intimidates me.  My brain rejects turning my art upside down to discover it looks better that way.  But on the other hand, I am absolutely drawn in to the look of fresh abandon and wonder what it might be like to paint outside the lines.  Well, the time has come to give it a try and by golly, I think I've come up with a plan to push me along. 

First and foremost:  Make quick decisions.  Don't hold high mass, over-analyze or second guess choices.  Allow no more than 10 minutes to choose the following: 1. Color scheme  2. Composition  3. Materials  4. Size

I timed myself.  I knew I wanted to incorporate a couple fabrics from my Botanika collection and the fabric I hand painted recently.  I looked up and saw this piece I made awhile back for Quilting Arts.  So, my main colors are going to be aqua and orange; got my materials and am thinking small.  Here's my inspiration:

To spark my inspiration I'm heading to Pasadena for a few days of fabulous art classes at the Learning and Art Expo.   

On another note, I confess I don't decorate for Halloween. There. The truth is out. No excuses.  However, the spiders are making up for my slacker ways.  The tiniest of spiders make the most decorations, don't they?

 My grandson used to call these "Spider rugs", so we still do.  Spider rugs remind me of Fall, but that is the only indication that Fall is in my new yard.  Maybe this has something to do with it. 

Looks like Pink is my new November color.  I like it!


  1. Your flowers are so fabulous! Lots of new inspiration living in SD. Can't wait to see what you do when you let go! Make sure you share even if you don't like it and the other rule you should keep is that you can't start over!

  2. Yes..everything grows better near the beach!

    Hope all is well...we still need to get together before Christmas arrives geez! ha-ha

    I will email you some dates so we can check our schedules.


  3. Very inspiring and loveley images, like them all. Thanks



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