Monday, October 31, 2011


I just returned last evening from an art experience that has me bursting at the seams.  I shared a bit in my last post.  The next day I took three classes that went from 9 to 8.  Hated the first class of the morning.  I go into every situation looking for what I can glean;  This time it was, "What Not To Do EVER Again".  The class description was deceiving; the instructor was late, unprepared, boring and a tad self-absorbed.  My creations promptly decorated the trash.  

Thank goodness, the next class more than made up for it.  Unlike the previous two classes, Ken Muenzenmayer had us all work on the same project.  We all had a great time learning and creating.  Being able to tell what it is I'm supposed to be painting is still definately my comfort zone.  Keep in mind that the paintings are only half done, but I am very pleased with what I started and can't wait to complete this sky painting. 

That evening I took a drawing class.  Then Saturday morning I took another class from Ken.  This time the subject was a waterscape.  I just loved the way each piece took on it's own personality.  Again, many of us left with enough info and technique to complete later. 

Don't you just love these?  Not even going to point out mine, but when it's finished I'll post. 

So, this was supposed to be my last workshop of the weekend.  Tim drove to Pasadena on Saturday to meet me and we planned to see a little of Pasadena together.  When I showed Tim all I had worked on (minus the "trash art"), so I asked if he'd like to take a Curious Cows workshop with Ken the next day.  Okay, Tim has never painted in his life, but being a good sport he said "Sure".  I just have to show you Tim's painting!  He was so stinkin proud of himself and we were so excited for him. 

Tim's Curious Cows with Ken Muenzenmayer

Seriously, people, Tim is not a painter, ever!  In fact, he's color blind.  He couldn't tell the purple from the blue.  So, as you can imagine, Ken's method of teaching produces miracles, don't you think?  Go check out Ken's website and workshop schedule.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.
I took a ton of work with me, even lugged a sewing machine, but got nada done.  The weather was ideal so I walked to and fro instead of cabbing it.  Needless to say, busy week ahead.  That's a good thing, since it is one year ago that our son Jonathan passed away.  Staying very busy.


  1. I love all of your creations! It doesn't matter whether it is sky, water or Tim's cows. What a great gift it is to see both of you being stretched and inspired. Love you friend. Praying for you this week. Lisa

  2. Ken's a great teacher. Love Tim's cows. It's astounding that he did this without knowing the colors.

  3. I love those cows !! Best ever !! You must find a place of honor to hang the cows in your new home !!

  4. What a fun post to read! Thinking of you in this difficult time - I'm happy that you are staying busy and continuing to grow. You honor your son's memory that way.

  5. Love the paintings! And can I just say, Tim's painting is amazing!!! He should be very proud of himself.

    Keeping busy will be very good this week but when the feeling hits: mourn, remember, smile and go back to being busy. It's okay. (((hugs)))

  6. Yay Tim! That's a beautiful painting!

  7. Wow! Tim has found a new talent. I LOVE his cows!



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