Wednesday, February 15, 2012


If you've never been to Scottsdale I highly recommend it.  We got back recently and my mind is still swimming from all we took in while there.  We decided to drive the 6 1/2 hrs from San Diego and watched the purple mountains, valleys, hills and landscape change before our eyes.  The highlight of our time in AZ was to visit friends, but we took in a few sights as well.  We did a day tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West and I am still seeing everything in color ranges from blues to purples and oranges to rust with a little pop of greens and aquas; a delightful combination.  

I admit that this is not my first choice of architecture or landscape, but the attention to detail, materials, colors, the arts and how Wright orchestrated it all into the landscape is amazing and I am so inspired by the experience.

You know how I love doors?  Well, Scottsdale did not disappoint.  Here is just a couple doors I spotted leading into a courtyard.  Oh, I am so intrigued by what's behind those doors.  No door-to-door salespeople, that's for sure!

And there were fruit trees EVERYWHERE.  Literally, while on daily walks there were oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes and an occasional grapefruit just laying on the ground or sidewalk.  We would pick up a few and when we got back to the condo Tim made us fruit smoothies.  Yup, since we were driving we brought our Vitamix to impress our friends.  I think we succeeded.  More on that later. 

Another treat was a luncheon with my dear fabric pals, Jona (left) and Bari J (middle).  It was so good to laugh and get caught up while stuffing our faces.  I had just come from a long walk, then blew it all with a ballion calorie meal.   Somehow thought I'd just suck it all in for the photo..didn't work.  Just looks like I quit breathing.

This has been a glimpse of Scottsdale during the day.  Scottsdale at night is also rich in color, foods and friends.  Part 2 coming soon.    In the meantime, I hope your Valentine's day was filled with a few warm fuzzies and none of these prickly hearts!


  1. You ladies look amazing!!!! Huge fan of you all!!! xoxoxo

  2. Glad you had some fun in my part of the world. Nice reminder to look around and appreciate everything here, I'm so used to the desert colors.
    Hopefully you were able to see one of the amazing sunsets we have.

    I'm headed to Hawaii this summer and contemplating taking my Vitamix too! We use it every day.

    I agree with Jennifer, you all look gorgeous.



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