Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Flowers from the yard are adorning the house.  I just realized that I have not taken photos of my new Demdaco line as I was taking this photo of the tray.  I'll just need to take more photos later.  Not now because Jennifer and the kiddos are here for Spring break!  The weather is beautiful and we are taking full advantage. 

My two favorite guys heading in


  1. I just picked up my boys and they are now on their spring break, too...a whole week! I hope we have lots of fun and learn to relax again. Love the tray...can't wait to see more. I work in a hospital and popped into the gift shop the other day. What did I spot??? The EXACT little butterfly pillow from your banner...calling my name! LOVE it, and it's mine now! :)

  2. I love that pretty tray ! You should paint that whole scene too!

  3. We've had such a lovely few weeks, perfect for spring break! I have so enjoyed reading some of your posts this morning.
    Xo Lidy



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