Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well, the grandkids are gone.  Just like that!  For two weeks we took turns wearing each other out and packing in the memories.  We did planned things and things that didn't turn out as planned.  


Tim rented a sailboat.  Kids were not impressed.  They wanted a speed boat.  Papa doesn't do speed boats.  Not a windy day.  We slowly meandered around Mission Bay.  After awhile we noticed we weren't moving and it took Captain Papa some time before he admitted we were stuck in muck.  A coastguard boat came kinda near and asked if we were okay.  Captain Tim says yup, we're okay.  What!!!???  Is that the same as we're not lost in the middle of nowhere?  They left and we sat and sat.  Tim has this idea that we should all lean way over one side of the boat.  No one else liked that idea At All.  And it didn't work.  Thank God for cell phones, right?  Unless the rental people take their phone off the hook!   So the highlight (for me) was watching Papa strip down to his skivvies, jump in and basically dig and pull us out.  In his defense, Tim had no idea things were so shallow and there were no warning signs.  When we returned to the dock the guy said he was told by the coastguards we were stuck but was too busy rescuing others.  He says, "Oh people get stuck in that area a lot" and showed us a map hanging on their door.  So, being the caring person that I am, I made a few helpful suggestions.  Stuff like if you're going to have the phone off the hook maybe show people this handy dandy map as you are taking their deposit and you might have less rescues...just a thought.  We had a few laughs with the guy and all is well.  Not sure the grandkids are any fonder of sailing though.

Wyatt and Tim spent much time off doing guy things while Amelia and I hung together.  On one of the last nights together we switched things up and did something we did with our own kids when they were growing up. DATE NIGHT.  We love the opportunity to show them what might soon be a lost art.  Amelia was all in; picked out the perfect outfit and felt like a pampered princess.  Wyatt quickly stepped up and remembered that Papa always holds the car door for me (even if I'm the chauffeur).  He tried to imulate everything he remembered Papa doing at a restaurant and handled himself like a real gentleman and engaging date.  It gave Wyatt and I  time to talk uninterrupted: really Talk and Listen about hopes and dreams; past and future; whats funny-or not.  I will cherish this time as much as I did with Jonathan.  Priceless.  

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  1. Date night is a lovely tradition to continue with your grandchildren. Those are memories that they will cherish.



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