Thursday, July 4, 2013


It all started with this lampshade.  We were in Target and Tim walked up to me holding this lampshade, knowing I would love it.  I stopped dead in my tracks and when he told me it was marked down to $5.98 I instantly had to design a space to put this.  I stood right there in the isle and redid the guest bedroom in my head.  We snatched up another matching shade and two bases.  Total for each lamp- $26.00!  I picked out a paint color (Sherwin Williams 6702 Lively Yellow) and found multi-striped sheets on a sales rack for $12.99.  I almost hate revealing my cheap sheets, but these were so absolutely perfect and they feel as good as the expensive ones.  I don't want to sound like I'm going all cheap on my guests so let's just keep this between us, okay?   I got the wicker table for $25 and sprayed it white.  The green pillows are Jonathan Adler for JCP and I framed one of my own paintings.  I will do more as time allows, especially with fabrics.  I am so thrilled with how effortlessly and inexpensively the makeover was falling into place.  Normally I hold High Mass over any and all creative decisions so this was a nice surprise.      

I remembered we had two chairs in storage that came from Tim's family.  I decided to paint one and I must admit, it was a bigger task than I wanted to tackle.  First I scrubbed it clean, then de-glossed it thoroughly before painting.  

It has been in the 100+ temperatures here, so I tried working indoors but paint splattered to and fro, so outside I went.  It took five coats in some areas.  I chose to not spray paint because there was just too much blank space.  I destroyed several brushes.  This one took on a personality of it's own.  I named him Guy.

The chair is finished and I made a new seat cushion and pillow from some of my Botanika fabrics.  Just in time for my daughter who arrives tonight with the kiddos.  It has been way too long since we've been together and I'm kinda giddy.  Hope it's comfy cozy for her.  

Have a wonderful holiday weekend filled with friends and family and thankful hearts for the freedom and independence we so richly enjoy.   


  1. What a great look, nice and cool and chic. Love it all. And what nice inspiration, those lamp shades.

  2. Thanks Jodi, my daughter is still asleep in the "new" guest room. We all piled in there last night when her and the kids arrived and everyone loved the fresh

  3. What a pretty guest bedroom! Well done. And while painting that chair may have taken a lot of time, I think it looks great.

  4. So bright and cheery, I love the mix of colors and patterns :)



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