Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Our efforts these days have been focused on our back patio and I'd hoped to be be further along by now.  Between us only working nights and weekends (extra careful not to do noisy construction "after hours") and now Mini MyGyver is sick in bed and I'm just way too excited to wait one minute longer.  Quicky shot.  I'll do another post later showing the painful Before part.  It's coming together and can't wait to have it filled with friends and family.  

This sectional is from Eurolux Patio right here in the San Diego area.  Picky Paula couldn't be more pleased with the construction, options, price, in stock pieces and customer service.  Believe me, I did the research!  We can easily move these pieces around for different seating options.  Sorry, I'm in my interior design mode again. 
Doesn't my Patchwork Landscape look awesome out there?   It's not technically an outdoor piece, but can't say it won't appear for a special occasion. 

Patchwork Landscape by Paula Prass
I spent the last couple days studying how to keep up with the latest gadgets on the web.  One long day just to add Pin It buttons to my images.  I'm a huge Pinterest gal but have yet to link to my boards.  I also over studied Google+ and after too many hours of uncertainty I blindly made the leap.  Hope against hope, I pray there was a benefit to that time wasted, er; spent.   

Any info or advise on how to make Google+ work best for an artist/designer I'd surely be interested.  Might not sound like a big day to you, but my brain is about to explore in HTML jargon.  Gotta love blogs with step-by-steps though.  I read all 237 of them.  Gotta go recover on the patio right now!  

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