Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yet another cloud study, this time it's a Safe Harbor.  Not sure how many more I'll complete in this Cloud Series as I have done a couple that don't meet my expectations.  Love, love doing these, but am also itching to paint things like, say for instance, marshes.  Makes me itchy just thinking of the potential mosquitos if I were painting air.  I just took several photos this weekend of a nearby marsh and so far I am still free of bug bites!!  I started the underpainting of my first marsh last eve as I was cleaning up my paint brushes and am really liking it...until I overpaint it, of course.  I might add clouds; maybe not.  Depends on my mood, the current paint on my palette, and whatever the painting says.  I hear paintings speak to the painter; I'm trying to listen, but afraid I'm still a bit bossy with the brush.

I haven't taken any classes for the last few months but I just signed up for two.  I do not mind painting alone, but there's an wonderful energy when you are with other creative types.  I'm going in opposite directions; one class in abstract acrylics and another in oil painting from Jeff Yeomans.  He's one of the artists in that awesome book California Light.  

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