Friday, January 17, 2014


Due to lack of sleep I sold my first painting! It's very normal for me to lay awake and stare up at the ceiling all night long.  One night I finally gave up and decided to clean out my inbox.  I know, I know.  In doing so I saw an email about an upcoming art gallery exhibition.  The receiving for the artwork submissions was the very next day.  I have never submitted artwork before, but the longer I thought about it I decided it was about time to get off my art stool. The next day I delivered my pieces and later got word they were accepted. Tim and I attended the reception, then moved on to all the holiday travels and festivities.  Then I got this call from the gallery saying one of my pieces, NEW YORK, NEW YORK sold.  AND the gallery's Chairman for the Board is the one who purchased it.  That's pretty cool for a rookie, right?   

While I have sold numerous pieces, they were always made for giclee's or reproductions and I own the originals.  This is a new experience for me and I must admit I have conflicting emotions.  I really liked that painting.  Makes me wonder; do artists hold a personal attachment to each piece?   I guess I better get over it, because I currently have seven paintings in various stages of completion.  I have poured hours over each one and they kinda grow on me.  Guess it's better to give them a new home than to enjoy all of them and be a starving artist, right?

Over the holidays we hand-delivered those pieces (here and here) for our grandson.  Here's what the whole group looks like hanging over his bed. 

He was genuinely excited, but Tim practically had him sign a Right of First Refusal in case Wyatt ever wanted to move on to another theme.  

So I started RUNNING this week using the Couch to 5k app!!!!!  Please, hold the applause.  Save it for when I actually finish.  What helps is there's a Brit that talks to you and I'm a tad bit embarrassed that she's talking when I'm within earshot of others.  I try to time it to get past people before or have even turned around to run in the other direction when I couldn't avoid passing people in time.  Now I can truly say, "gotta run".  xo



  1. Don't you have headphones in so that no one else can hear?

    Congratulations on the sale! It is no wonder that one sold. It is a real beauty!!! I haven't sold any of my art yet - just given it away. I have a hard time putting money values on them because to me they are all priceless. However as the reserves diminish I have started thinking that selling one or five might be a good idea and that I need to get over myself! haha

    So glad the boy loved his new artwork. It is a REAL treasure to be cherished for a lifetime and more.

    1. Oh Lisa, that's so funny. It took me so long to figure out how to work the app I didn't wear headphones.

  2. That's a gorgeous piece of art there! Kudos on the sale. I feel the same way about each and every quilt I make. I put my heart and soul into every stitch, and then they're difficult to let go of. My sister did the Couch to 5K and loved it! And she's 54 years old and never ran a day in her life! So good luck, and go easy so no injuries :-)

    1. Oh Jodi, I can' even imagine selling a quilt!



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