Thursday, July 17, 2014


Can't tell you how many times since living in San Diego; which by the way has been 3 years now, that we have had people say, "What? You haven' been to Paso Robles yet"? You can only hear that comment so many times before you finally say, "Fine then. Twist our arms." So we ended up staying at the coolest cottage on an olive orchard and roaming the countryside taking hundreds of photos, visiting wineries, art galleries, eateries and just enjoying every twist and turn. 

Early evening view from our Lanai

Proulx Winery

Moonstone Beach in Cambria

I took hundreds of photos and hoping you will see some of those along the way in the form of paintings. Tim and I haven't been able to pinpoint why, but for some reason this short trip was at the top of our favorites. 

Now back home we have taken on our biggest remodel so far. Plastic tents, upholstery all covered, rugs rolled back...we are doing it! Finally gutting the kitchen. I will be sharing our step-by-step remodel once we get far enough along, but in the midst of the disarray I make myself little vignettes; hopeful inspiration of things to come.

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  1. I've lived in San Diego my entire life and have never been there either! Looks like a heavenly trip, I'm sure you have plenty of artistic inspiration now!



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