Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Okay, first of all, I FINALLY changed the blog header. I haven't done that in so long the rules for size changed and after trying like a dozen times it finally worked but is, um, huge. Too bad. I'm so over it.

Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours

Lately, I don't stop long enough to post what I'm doing. With the kitchen remodel I forget and lately have been painting walls and trim. But I MUST show you this adorable itsy bitsy watercolor set I gifted myself. I shared it on Facebook and Instagram already but I love it so much I'm posting it here. It fits in a small purse and travels with me. Just need a little water and a napkin. Okay, kinda sounds like a substitute for a cute little puppy. BY GOLLY, I think it is. 

Look at the cute brush. I did buy that wonderful hot pink separately, just cuz I love the brilliance. Sure beats that Prang set I've had most of my life.

I recently painted this bouquet while on a flight and during delays at the airport. It was a bumpy ride and I had to keep grabbing my water so it didn't spill, but boy did the time pass quickly. I can take a pic on my phone then paint it. Stop the madness!

I took a pic of my daughter's shoes during a visit, came back home and painted them as a gift for her hospitality (and amazing style).

My friend's bird, Bella
I'm liking this watercolor stuff, a lot! After years of thinking it would be hard, I am looking forward to learning what else I can do. I'm thinking of offering some commissions after the kitchen is complete. Any interest?

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